Tuesday, May 12, 2015

♥ Spring Around My Home ♥

For those who enjoy photos from around my home, this post is for you! ;) We are enjoying spring *so* much around here! Come and see what we have been up to...

Mama bird is catching worms for her young (although you can't see them, there are 4 babies there!)...

Stella has discovered how glorious it is to sit on the window sill! She loves watching birds and bugs outside...

My sweet Aunt Jo gifted our family with this lovely begonia...

Quilts and bedding out on the lines...

Loving the flowers planted all around our home...

Deviled eggs (made from our fresh chicken eggs)....see how nice the whites are? If you want a sure-fire way to get those pesky shells to come off easily, see my post HERE...

We invited our Great Aunt Jo and my parents over for a small cook-out on Mother's Day...

I know this photo is blurry....but oh how Xavier and Nickel (my dad's lab) love to play and wrestle together...

A little entertainment...

Today, the children and I spent some time in the raised garden beds (well, one of them at least)...we may be working down in the big gardens this evening...

Ruthie supervises from under the picnic table...

Clothes out, blowing in the breeze...

Beautiful green...

Look at my hosta! They grow so quickly! You can see them, just a week ago, HERE. Such a difference a week can be!

The children and I are getting ready to have some lunch! I just wanted to drop in, quickly, and share some of these photos with you! It's much-too-gorgeous outside to stay inside for too long....so off I go! This is the day that the Lord has made!! Let us *rejoice* and be *glad* in it! :)



  1. Thanks Katy, I love your photos.

  2. I love the photo's of your family.
    Is your cat and inside cat, ours is & he loves to watch the insects & birds outside.
    Thank you for another beautiful post.
    Fondly Michelle

    1. Yes, Stella is an inside cat. :) We love her immensely! :) Thanks for visiting Michelle!

  3. Loved this! Especially the quilts out to dry on the line and the beautiful robin!

    1. Thank you Rebekah! I appreciate your visit!!! :)

  4. Great photos! What are the little blue bell flowers? They are lovely.


    1. Thank you! I am actually not sure what those flowers are. They are perennials and were here when we moved in 14 years ago! :)

  5. Lovely pictures! I see your chickens are out, do they stay nearby? Have a wonderful day.


    1. Hello Jill! We only let the chickens out for the late afternoon/evening hours to free range and they stick around pretty well. They coop themselves at sundown. :)

  6. Everything looks so welcoming and cosy at your home my friend! Mmmm....I *love* bedding fresh from the line!! Your porch looks like a picture from a magazine. And, music surrounding the home is a wonderful thing! Enjoy these precious, precious days! Hugs, Camille

    1. Oh Camille,

      Thank you for your kind words! I truly appreciate it!!! :)

  7. Hello, Katy! It's been awhile since I've stopped by your refreshing blog! I hope you are well. I'm blogging here, www.simplefarmmama.wordpress.com if you want to stop by sometime! I love all of your spring-ness!

    Now, I may have to make some deviled eggs with the 943 eggs I have on my kitchen counter! LOL j/k.

    Monica Cooper

  8. Katy - Your little porch looks so darling! Love the quilts hanging on the line!

  9. Such a great post, and your photos are beautiful. You have a lovely blog. The music is soothing.


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