Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Bits of Home

It's evening here and I am winding down for the day. Supper is over and cleaned up and I plan on heading to bed soon. It was a busy (but beautiful and enjoyable) day. I spent a good portion of the day outside mowing, weeding, and watering plants. We did some schooling this morning (although we have our official 180 days in already) and I worked on getting the children's portfolios together. The little boy we are babysitting (just until the end of this month) came too. I'm quite exhausted and thought it may be nice to post some pictures from around my home. I get many comments and emails expressing that they enjoy seeing those photos (I enjoy seeing into others' homes too...it's fun to see how others make their homes tidy, organized and cozy!). 

A few places in my bedroom...

Xavier picked up my guitar (that I don't know how to play) and played a bit...

Here are the children's finished portfolios! I am so thrilled to have them finished and have another year tucked under our belts. Now to take these to our evaluator (who just happens to be Chris's brother)...

My mom went to an amish produce/flower auction and purchased a bunch of flowers. She kept some and then was so thoughtful and brought some for *me*! They filled my log planter (that Chris built me for Mother's Day last year) beautifully!...

I can't run the weed-eater. I can mow and do other things around the home....but the weed-eater and I are *not* friends...so these photos were taken before Chris weed-eated...

Look at those crazy hosta!!! They are amazing!!!

Even weeds can be pretty...

Our veggies are starting to grow...

Pearl enjoyed chomping on the weeds in the one raised bed (that Chris has now weed-eated thoroughly!)...

In bloom...

Today was warm and breezy....absolutely gorgeous weather. The chickens were thrilled to get out and enjoy it too...

Chris weed-eated around the house when he got home from work! So here's my beautiful log planter, all tidied-up!

Round about...

I have to admit, I got a little sunburn today on my shoulders with all the mowing. It's a bit itchy! Glad I have some aloe to put on it! Oh how the spring season renews my spirits! The winter was just so, so long (unbearable so) and I am soaking in every moment of this beautiful weather! :)

I was also so blessed that my pastor's wife (and my good friend) and another good friend came over to buy eggs and we enjoyed a lovely time of visiting. It's such a great refreshment to have a nice conversation with friends. After a day of hearing a lot of the lawn mower engine ~ the sweet, thoughtful voices of my friends is a delight!

I am looking forward to crawling into bed after a busy day! :) I hope your week is going well.
Until next time, Lord willing,

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  1. Did you rearrange your room?

    1. Yes, my side. :) Still need to work on Chris's side! :)

  2. I do enjoy your photos, you have a wonderful home and yard!

  3. I love seeing photo's of your home & gardens, I love the white doors on one of your out buildings.
    School does not finish until July in England.
    Fondly Michelle

  4. I can't let my chickens out right now. Our German Shephard hasn't learned to leave them alone just yet. She goes for obedience training this Friday! :) Love all the pictures and glad you have your school year in! I'm sure that's a relief.

  5. Hello Dear Katy, Your planter does look very pretty! Loved seeing your sweet chickens! I have missed you! Enjoy your summer and blessings to your family!
    Hugs, Roxy


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