Wednesday, May 27, 2015

A Recipe, Recital, Yoda Hat & More!

To start this post out right...I thought I'd post this egg smiley face! I didn't mean for it to end up this just did! The bubble nose in the middle made it even more face-like! 

I have to admit, while trying to pick a title for this post I typed things out and deleted them many times. It's a bit of a miscellaneous jumble of things today... ;)

My husband loves pecan pie. When I found the recipe for these pecan pie muffins, I knew I had to try them out! I added some ice cream to them for a really enjoyable dessert. I didn't try it myself...but Chris and the children said they were fantastic!!! You can find the recipe for them HERE.

Madelyn and Jaxson had a recital this past week. They both did a great job! :)

Around home...

Freshly washed eggs from the "girls"...

Sleepy Stella...

Madelyn made banana bread and took it to a birthday party we attended this weekend. Everyone said it tasted amazing! :) Although I didn't try it...I must admit that it smelled divine!

The other day, I looked outside and found my gal reading. She looked so sweet and lovely, I had to capture it with the camera...

Pop-Pop (my dad) brought the mini-bike and go-kart over for the boys to ride. They have a *ton* of fun. Jaxson doesn't like to ride the mini-bike so Xavier drives it the most while Jaxson drove the go-kart (although Jax let X take a few turns in the go-kart too!)...

And last *but not least* here is a finished knitting project that I did for Jaxson! It's a yoda hat! I found the pattern HERE. I don't really need a pattern for the hat part itself. Actually, I did my own pattern for the hat base. I just needed the pattern to knit the ears. I wasn't sure how to do those correctly! :)

If I make another, I will use stiffer yarn. The ears don't always want to stay out I think a stiffer yarn will help with that. :) *And* although Jaxson isn't smiling *big* in the photo, he does love the hat and will put it to good use this winter! :)

After this crazy jumbled-up-with-many-things post, if you made it this far, I thank-you! :) I hope you enjoyed visiting here today. It's so fun to share what we have been up to! 

Today is cloudy and wet out. The house is dark and cozy. The birds are singing outside and the children are playing Legos. I taught spin early this my workout is it's time for laundry, housework and a bit of reading or knitting! :) 

Here are a few links you may be interested in visiting during your internet journeys today: 

I hope your Wednesday is *grand*!



  1. I enjoy your selections. Always interest inn children playing musical instruments. Your children are doing well. My Grand boys started out same way.
    Now the one Grandson now 19 teaches guitar to Children like your Jaxson and sister. And then my other Grandson sings and play guitar at church every Sunday. You never know where playing guitars or piano like yours can lead them. My Granddaughter who sings read all the time. She is now last year coming up to be a teacher. So Madeline looks very studest but you home school till University right? Madelyn made the bread. Great job. Tell me how does she make it so it don't go too brown. Mine seems to go too brown. Maybe my oven is too hot.

  2. I love it! Here Moniek (daughter, 14 years old) is also playing guitar. I love it so much. So, thats the reason I like your music-photos. Thank you for sharing your pics. They are so nice!

    Cute hat!!! I am knitting fingerless gloves. I wish you can see them.


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