Friday, April 10, 2015

Tidying Up Outside and a Small Bedroom Makeover!

The front of our home is an enclosed porch. We have sided the rest of our home...but this porch (which serves as a schoolroom to store all our books) would look silly sided. I want to open it up one day to be a real porch...once our addition is done and we can move the living room out there and then the schoolroom will move to where the living room is now...leaving the front room empty! I *love* a nice that is my hope for that room. *But* we are a single-income things happen slowly around here. So for now, we have just painted the front enclosed porch to keep it looking decent. It looks like it may need another paint job soon....

You can find a Window Star Tutorial HERE. 
Jaxson, playing in the bush...

Without even being asked, the children raked up leftover gravel off of the road (from winter maintenance) and filled the pot holes in the driveway!

We were watching one of my nephews that day so the kids (and I) had fun kicking the soccer ball around with him...

Our children have small bedrooms. Super-de-duper small. Not only are they small, but the ceilings aren't high either. I'm not complaining...but I just wanted to explain that so I could tell you how we managed to use a loft bed in there as "bunk beds". Previously, we had two twin beds in the boys' room with a narrow walkway between. This worked...but didn't leave any room (at all) left over. Regular bunk beds wouldn't work because of the lower we had accepted that this is just what had to be...being thankful for what we had.

But *then* I got the idea to look for a shorter bunk bed. I found a lower loft bed at a decent price (with great reviews). I figured we could put the other mattress on the floor beneath it. I asked Chris about this and after some thought and looking it over online, he agreed! :) I ordered the bed and shipping was suppose to be a week later ~ boy, were we excited when shipping was coming just a couple days after I ordered it instead! It was quite a pleasant surprise (as the "bunk beds" were all the boys could talk about!)!

Last night, Chris and the boys worked at putting it together (the boys made the beds themselves...I touched up a few areas but refrained ~ as difficult as that was ~ from redoing them to make them "perfect". I need to let their *best* be just that and not always "improve" everything for them.)...

It has opened the room up significantly!

You may notice that my boys are a bit old for the bears on the wall. Those have been there (when my mom and I painted it) since we first used this bedroom as a nursery for Madelyn. Other priorities have trumped ever re-painting the room...and truly, we hardly notice them anymore!

Look at X's smile there (he is one happy boy!) (you may notice that tiger picture in the hallway...that's some artwork I did in high school)...

Both boys said they slept great last night! :) Madelyn now wants a loft bed for her room! Her bed is perfectly fine though so I told her that chances are slim that we'll be getting her a new one! It's just so easy to get caught up in the excitement of something *new*!

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I hope your week is going well! We are getting lots of rain, but I'll take it and *not* complain as the temperatures have been rising and it is **glorious**!


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  1. Hi Katy,

    Great creative idea for your boys' small bedroom. When we lived in Texas our home was very small and the bedrooms were only 8 1/2 ft. by 9 1/2 ft. We had three boys sharing one bedroom. We were fortunate that their room had a regular 8 ft. ceiling. This allowed us to install a bunk bed set with a homemade trundle that we would pull out at night for the youngest.

    When we moved to Montana we purchased an old farmstead that with a large century old farmhouse. Three generations of the previous family had lived here and the families were very large (last generation had 11 children). Thus, our bedrooms are large but the ceilings are dormered so, we now have twin beds with trundles in the kids rooms. The trundles have always worked out great for us.
    I hope your clever idea and / or our use of trundles will be of use to others.


  2. Great use to space in the boys room. Short sleeves and working outside must mean the weather is warming up. Yeah!

  3. Wow, looks awesome. And you are training your boys well.

    Have a great weekend.

  4. Hi Katy! Your window stars are so pretty! I will have to take a closer peek at them after I'm done leaving this comment.

    Your boys bedroom looks fabulous! You have created a wonderful space for them that is not only practical and functional, but also warm and inviting. Thank you so much for sharing with Roses of Inspiration. Enjoy your day!

  5. Your neighborhood is lovely, all those trees! It is such a delight when children see a need and take action without being asked.
    The boys must be so thrilled with their "new" room! It's fun to reorganize, even adding in something new!
    Blessings, Jessica

  6. Very nice and cozy! I bet they were so excited!


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