Sunday, April 26, 2015

*Spring Things*

The grass is now green and the flowers are (slowly but surely) growing! Trees are budding and the temperatures are getting warmer! It's absolutely lovely that spring is here! Here are a few of the *spring things* we have been up to...

Chris has been carving me spoons to use in the kitchen! Aren't they amazing!? He may make some to sell in my etsy shop as well! :)

He made a beeswax/mineral oil concoction that he will use to cover the wooden spoons. He also tried his hand at making a couple beeswax candles!

You know how *spring* weather can day: sun, the next: snow (thankfully, it melted!)...

We're finishing up our homeschool year! Only a few *official* days to go! Although, learning is something that happens daily with children. :)

I am attempting my first-ever crocheted afghan. I love knitting (and the "look" of knitted items)...but knitting an afghan would take a super long time. I like being able to try out different crochet patterns and I thought this ripple blanket would be a good project for me...

Saturday, we got some much-needed things done around the house. We planted some seeds to transfer to the raised garden beds later this spring...

We have broccoli, peppers, red and white onions and celery started...

We started lettuce seeds too!

Cash loves being out and about with us...

A man and his dog...

Pearl helped X clear out the raised beds...

As I had posted previously, our dryer died (after 15 years of use). We have a new one coming later this week. Until then, I am thankful for sunny days when I can get clothes out on the line! We had a few very cold, wet days and it forced us to take a couple loads of wash to the laundromat to dry. I am so thankful that the dryer gave out now rather than in the winter. I prefer to hang clothes out to drying them in the dryer anyway! :)


My hosta is starting to shoot well as my day lilies, daffodils, and other pretty things around the house. I had to transplant some of the day lily plants as they were spreading too thick in an area and needed moved. :) I will be sure to share photos as soon as all these lovely things are in full bloom. My cherry tree (that we planted last year) is budding! I cannot wait for it to continue to grow and bloom! I think it will be so beautiful!

Much has been on my heart lately...with personal things, the persecution of Christians around the world, sickness of loved ones, and a desire for unbelievers to come to a true knowledge and love of Jesus Christ. Prayer, prayer, and more prayer is needed at this time (and all times, really).

I have bread rising for tomorrow morning and eggs cooling after being hard-steamed (I steam my fresh eggs to "hard boil" them rather than actually boiling makes it easier to remove the shells). I am going to tidy up the kitchen and then head to bed. Tomorrow will be a full, busy day. Schooling, housework, exercise, and more! :) Hope your week is enjoyable!


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  1. Hello Katy, I so enjoyed reading this lovely post today and catching a little glimpse into your life! New seeds being sown...clean clothes hanging on the line... Oh, country life is so good and such a blessing!
    The spoons your husband made for you are gorgeous! How wonderful to have handmade carved spoons for use in the kitchen!
    Have a blessed week and enjoy springtime!
    Much love in Christ,

  2. Katy great post again. You never fail at putting a smile on my face. I can always read a post from you and it makes me smile thank you for that. Have a wonderful week ahead of you. Can't wait to see pictures of the new dryer when it gets there. Blessings joann

  3. You guys are really talented and hard working. Puts me to shame. We will be in the Lititz PA area in June. Can you suggest any areas to visit? Of course we will be touring the Amish area pretty heavy.

    Lee Ann

  4. This was a wonderful post, Katy! I love these glimpses into your family's life and the way that the Lord shines through . . . the spoons are beautiful!

    Have a blessed week! :-)

  5. Thanks for sharing your sweet spring preparations with us! :)


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