Monday, April 6, 2015

*Spring Cleaning*

Since it has finally started to feel like spring 'round these parts, I had the urge to rearrange a couple bookshelves and do some cleaning. I decided to move one of my taller bookshelves (which was in the living room) into the schoolroom and bring the another bookshelf into the living room to take its place. 

In the middle of my re-arranging (mind you, I had books on the floor, table, furniture...everywhere!) Xavier came downstairs jumping up and down, holding onto his hand, crying. He had cut his thumb while using his pocket knife. I am not one to hurry to the emergency room...I prefer to take care of as much as we can at home...but this slice in his thumb was bleeding so much that I could not see how deep it truly was. I couldn't get a hold of Chris so I called my mom to get her take on it. She thought I should take him to the ER. So, off we went. Thankfully, the Dr. was nice and X didn't have to get stitches. They used some medical adhesive and steri-strips. He is still wearing them as it heals. He can continue to play his banjo as it heals too, which is a great relief! :)

Outside, things are muddy and gray. Around the house looks terribly drab and I am looking forward to blooming flowers, green grass, and budding trees! I am quite excited to say that I have been able to begin hanging clothes out on the line (which, if you have followed my blog for any length of time, you know I love!)...

Chris and the boys worked on Saturday to clean up around the woodstove, woodshed and yard...

Jaxson snuck in a little play time while working ;)....

We had a lovely Resurrection Day. We went to Sunrise Service at our church at 7am, had breakfast there and then attended Service at regular time. We came home for a simple lunch and naps. We spent the evening at Chris's sister's house for a time of supper and fellowship. :)

We took today off from schoolwork so the boys could have a sleepover at their cousin's house. I went and picked them up earlier, right before lunch. They are home now, playing Legos. Madelyn is down at the meat market helping her Pa and Ma. I have been keeping busy sweeping floors, hanging loads of laundry out, crocheting, cleaning and more...there's more to do so I should get off of this computer and get to it! :)

Have you begun spring cleaning?
Have a great day!




  1. Sorry to hear about X's thumb! Those hurt! Yes, it is a time for cleaning out and cleaning up! We are pretty much working through this all April. May will be garden time :) Yahooo! :)

  2. Katy I know you are three hours ahead of me but oh my you have gotten so much done and all I can report is I took a shower and made the bed :) you are are true inspiration and I Wang to be just like you when I grow up! Oh wait I am grown up darn:) blessings to your week my friend.

  3. The spring cleaning bug is about to bite me...I can feel it! I love clothes on the line, happy for you that you have been able to finally hang yours out!! And, yippee for cousin sleepovers...what a sweet blessing. So sorry about your boy's cut...nasty. And, Easter is such a wonderful time to remember what our Lord has is finished and He is risen!! What a blessing to have the hope this truth brings. Hugs to you! Camille

  4. I spent time cleaning yesterday as well. We also took the day off from school. The kids were outside literally all day. It was a magnificent day!

  5. Hello Katy, I also have been cleaning around our home! We have had so much warm weather, then it turns cold again. Doing well and have been so enjoying crocheting my granny squares in the evenings!
    Take care and I think of you often!
    Yours, Roxy

  6. Hi Katy,

    Spring time is mud time around our place too. We are finally beginning to see sprigs of green poke through the wheat colored grass & the livestock is loving the warmer temperatures.
    We will pray X's thumb recovers quickly.
    Outdoor spring clean up has already begun & indoors will begin soon as we are expecting a long overdue house guest (my sister is coming up from Texas) in only one month - we are so excited!
    It looks as if you and your lovely family enjoyed a blessed resurrection Sunday.


  7. Hello Katy,
    What a lovely lovely place you have here! Your home has a warmth and love of God in it. I say that because as I look thorough your beautiful pictures I see excellent books on your book shelf that would indicate your love for the Savior.
    We read many of the same things. :-)
    Your home is very primitive country, as is mine. :-)
    I was blessed to visit your home through this post.

    Thank you for visiting me, and yes, Camille is a precious lady.
    I'm happy you found me through her so that I could follow you home to this lovely blog. I look forward to following along with you.

    Have a blessed week end.
    Joy! Debbie


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