Monday, April 20, 2015

*A Beautiful Day in Spring*

Saturday was a gorgeous spring day. The sun was shining, the temperature was perfect and it enabled us to get some things done around our home! I am so thankful for how our family works together and gets things done. :) Most things happen time and money allows...but I am still grateful that our children pitch in and we can all work together on things! :) Here's a look at what a lovely spring day looked like around here!

This is a common outfit you will find Jaxson in if you stop by my house on any given day. I don't get too worried about his crazy attire (unless we are going out and about!)...

We don't use the old wood stove in our garage and the chimney was crumbling so Chris took it down so he could continue covering the roof with metal...

He threw the chimney pieces down and the boys took turns smashing them into smaller makes a good fill for the driveway...

 Our garage isn't the prettiest building....but we are focused on renovating our house right now (the garage is secondary). We only do things that are absolutely necessary when it comes to the garage (like fixing the roof)...

Pearl was over-joyed to be out and about. She enjoyed the sunshine and being around the family!

Clothes out drying on the line (this beautiful weather is just in time, as our gas dryer has died. We've had it since we were married ~ almost 15 years ago. It has served us well. We need to look for a new one though because if we have a couple rainy days in a row and I can't hang clothes out, the laundry piles up quickly!), a ladder that needs put away and a wagon for leaf-gathering...

A couple pictures of my Ruthie-Girl. This first one is funny as I caught her mid-sneeze!

This sweet pup is my shadow. Wherever I go, she follows. When I go to bed, she goes to bed. She always knows how to make me feel loved! She turned 10 last month!

Pearl found a warm, sunny spot to snuggle down into (right behind my rock wall)...

The children *loved* riding their bikes...

The chickens are loving this weather too! We let them out to free-range a bit each evening before bed...

Pearl was being quite silly and trying to play with Ruthie. Ruth was just trying to get to me (she's not really a spunky I-want-to-play sort of dog)...

Home....our continual work-in-progress (I will have to make sure I take pics once spring is in full bloom and my hosta and flowers have come up! It will dress it all up so much!)...

Supper's served (hamburger stroganoff, homemade noodles and green beans)...

Strangers and Pilgrims on Earth


  1. What a beautiful Spring day! It sure is pretty there :)

  2. Your home is truly lovely and filled with so much love! We recently got chicks we are raising and are working on a coop. Your goat is adorable and I've always wanted goats!! I love their personalities! Have a wonderful day!


  3. What a blessing to be able to work together! I am sure your children loved crushing up that chimney for the drive way!! :) Yippee for clothes on the line...sorry to learn that you are in need of a new dryer. What a blessing that the weather has cooperated for line drying. Your home looks lovely and your children look happy and content. Hugs to you! Camille

  4. So very thankful for the springtime!The children have grown.
    Pearl & Ruthie, quite a two some!

  5. A beautiful day in spring indeed! Thank you for sharing :)

  6. Pearl and Ruthie are too cute!


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