Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Warm & Cozy Inside...

One *good* thing about this horrible, frigid winter weather is that when spring *does* arrive, I will treasure it even more than usual! We have feet upon feet of snow and have been battling negative temperatures. Today, many of the local schools have cancelled due to freezing rain yesterday and icy conditions today! My children are bummed that they don't get "snow days"....but I tell them that they will be quite glad we homeschool once the weather is beautiful and they don't have to stay cooped up inside! :) 

I have found some wonderful ways to keep warm and cozy in our home so we don't ice up ourselves over this Alaska-like weather! 

Hot, healthy meals make suppertime enjoyable...

Snuggling with a fleece blanket, Stella and my knitting while watching a movie with the children is wonderfully comforting...

Here is a photo with the flash so you can really see Stella's beautiful coloring. I am not a fan of the flash so that's why I don't use it much...

Candles all aglow make the atmosphere warm...the sweet scents from the fragrant candles remind us of warm sugary goodies baking in the oven (without all the calories!)...

 If you look behind my feet, you can see the boys had the Legos out to play as well (that is one of their favorite ways of indoor play)...

The finished dishcloth I was knitting in the photos above...

You may also notice I have a new blog header. It has been a couple years since I switched it. I am not in love with this new one...but they are awfully time-consuming to make and I spend enough time on the computer as it is with schooling, blogs, facebook, emails and making music playlists for spin. Maybe at some point I will make a new one...but for now, this works. Once the weather is nice, I may just photograph of my chickens and make it my header! ;) We'll see!

I hope you are staying warm and cozy in your homes if you are experiencing this frigid winter. If you are enjoying warmer temps and sunshine, enjoy some for me!!! Also, send some *this* way!! :)

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  1. Katy I would love to have some of your snow. Here in California we desperately need snow in the mountains and rain here in the valley but we haven't gotten much this year. Today it is sunny and will be in the 70's. Doesn't feel like we had a winter at all! Love all the pictures. Have a great day blessings joann

  2. Over on this side of the state we are tired of winter too! Come on Spring!


  3. We have flooding here, raining still, probably turning back to snow..,,, again. We had about 2 ft for 3 wk and , very frigid temps. Being cozy inside is a blessing. I like the header photo, it may "grow" on you.

  4. Hi Katy,

    Interesting that you are not in love with your new header photos ... I noticed them when checking today and thought, "What lovely photos. I wish I knew how to add that sort of thing to my blog."
    Continue to stay warm & cozy ...

  5. We have had the worst winter since we have moved to Nova Scotia 7 years ago, and from we have been hearing it is one of the worst ever on record. The snow and ice are so high you can't see over them, and since they have thawed and refrozen several times, they are like concrete. So of the ice they have been able to get off the streets is a foot thick! I will be so thankful for spring ( and even blackflies!) I think your header is great!

  6. Hello Katy, It is like the never ending winter! Loved that dish cloth so pretty!
    Your header looks great! Stay warm my friend!
    Hugs, Roxy


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