Friday, March 20, 2015

"The two conditions of Romans 8:28...

...are simply clarifications of what it really means to trust God for this great promise of future grace. Trusting Him for this promise not merely believing that He will work for your good. You can believe that and be wrong. 
It means looking through the promise to the One Who promises, and by grace -that is, by His sovereign call- apprehending in Him the spiritual worth and beauty that will go on satisfying your heart forever; and then embracing that beauty as your chief treasure above all that the world can give. 
This is the meaning of loving God, and this is the essence of faith in future grace. When you have this faith- when you fulfill this condition by God's gracious call- God works all things together for your good."

~ John Piper, Future Grace

" is not a self-wrought work, but a fruit of God's work in the soul. It grows out of a heart that has been begotten from above and drawn to Christ........we do not become sheep by believing; rather we believe only because we are sheep." 

~John Piper, Future Grace

Above, I just wanted to share some beautiful truth with encourage and strengthen you today!
The pictures I am sharing are from last evening. We had my parents over for supper (hamburger gravy over mashed potatoes and sweet corn from our garden that I had frozen ~ my mom brought a cake for dessert). The children each played their instruments as entertainment. I was busy at the moments that Jaxson played his guitar and Madelyn played the piano...but I was able to snap a few quick pictures of Xavier on his banjo!

The table all set and ready to eat...

I won a couple of crochet patterns from Loops of Love. I picked a sun hat for children and a lovely cowl pattern. I began working on the sun hat last evening....

I finished the hat today...

It was crocheted at the 6-12 months size. I am thinking about adding it (and making other things) to my etsy shop (she gives permission for me to sell it as long as I say where the pattern came from).

Knitting is still my favorite past time...however, the one great thing about crochet is that it finished quicker...which means a quicker turnaround on projects! :)

After days of snow melting and lots of we woke to *snow* again! It's snowing at I type actually. The trees and ground are covered in inches of snow and I must admit that it looks beautiful. I am quite relieved that it won't be sticking around long! I believe it is suppose to be 50* tomorrow! Yahoo! So, I am thinking maybe I will just enjoy one (hopefully) last day of being "snowed in".

Have a great weekend!


  1. When you said Sun hat... I was picturing a yellow hat that somehow looked like a Sun. Hahaha! Oops! That's adorable!

  2. Very cute hat. Loved all the pictures. You have a great weekend too!

  3. It's nice to see read about your sweet family again and the things you are doing. I love the banjo!!

  4. Thank you for sharing such wonderful encouragement!
    The photos are lovely, as always.
    By now your children are most likely doing so well on their instruments!
    What a blessing to hear in the house!

  5. Your house looks so cozy and inviting! :-)

  6. Hello Katy,It is funny how the last snow we receive every spring just seems sweet to me also, because I know it will not stick around very long!
    I have been just crocheting granny squares in the evenings, but I did make a shamrock for each of the grandchildren!
    Growing in His grace....Roxy


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