Monday, March 9, 2015

Latest Knitting Projects...

I bought a pattern for a hooded cowl and have been knitting on it for a couple days. The photo taken above was taken earlier this afternoon.

I finished the hooded cowl just a bit ago. It's child-size so a bit big for Maudie-the-Model...

I was just doing a *sample* knit to see how easy/difficult it was to do. I didn't use the bulkiest yarn...just used the thickest stuff I had. It turned out cute and wasn't difficult at all. I look forward to getting the correct yarn so I can knit some of these up. I know my sister wants some for her girls. :)

Here it is laying flat. I crocheted around the opening for the head just to jazz it up a bit. I will be sure to share photos when I get the correct yarn and make the entire thing how it *should* be!

If you are interested in purchasing the pattern, you can find it HERE. You can also see a photo of how it will look once I purchase the right yarn! :) I didn't add ears to this project as it didn't seem to *go* with the purple!

Here is a photo of Madelyn's knitting projects lately...

What have you been working on lately?

I am super-excited to report that although we still have a boat-load of snow here in PA, the sun *is* out and it is warming up! Yippee! On my way to the gym this morning I smelled a skunk!!! Usually I am less than excited to admit that but today it means *spring* so I am shouting it out loud!!! :)

Sending smiles your way,

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  1. Katy that purple color is so very pretty! You sure are very diligent about getting things done! We don't really get a spring here. It is usually either hot or cold. Yesterday we had sunshine and 77 degrees... I don't like hot weather but am praying your spring gets there quickly. Madelyn is doing very good on those dishcloths. Have a great monday. Blessings joann

  2. That is a wonderful cowl!
    Her cloths are very fine!
    Blessings on the coming spring!

  3. That cowl looks adorable! And lovely work on the dishcloths.

  4. That is a cute hooded cowl! I love seeing all of the things that you have knitted!! I have just learned how to knit this winter. I love it! I find it very relaxing. I'm working on my first project, it is a shawl. If you would like to see it, I have posted about it over on my blog. Please come by and see it!.

    God Bless Kelly

  5. I love your striped cotton dishtowels. I actually made a pair of "slipper socks" for my son from the same. Self - striping but not matching socks.

  6. Lovely cowl! And the dishcloths are fantastic... I have been knitting some for my own kitchen. Happy spring to you, Julie

  7. Spring has sprung here too!! I don't think your hooded cowl needs ears, it's lovely as it is.


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