Thursday, March 26, 2015

Homemaking: Being Frugal

Good morning! Starting the day with a clean kitchen and a beautifully scented, glowing candle puts a smile on my face! It's still chilly outside....mounds of snow are still lingering about...but spring is inching forward and I am *thrilled*! I can't wait to be able to hang clothes out on the line! I'll strip all the beds and wash up all the sheets and comforters and get them out in the fresh spring air (when it actually arrives!).

Until then, I am ecstatic about a few things....first, our washer (that we have had for about 15 years) died a while ago. The new one we purchased is still a top-loader but it is energy efficient...which means it uses less water, less electric and less energy all around (which I love) plus, clothes don't get so terribly soaked (but still nice and clean) which means less drying time in the dryer (which keeps our gas bill low as well!). I also bought (for $6) a set of Household Essentials PVC Dryer Balls that cut drying time and save from having to buy fabric softener sheets. The gas company actually called us to make sure nothing was wrong with their equipment outside our home because our gas bills have been cut in half this past year. They were already low to begin with (since we use our outdoor wood stove for heat)....but all these cost-cutting things are making our gas bill even lower! Yahoo! It's so great when just little things can really add up into great savings!

Can you tell we use cast iron in this house? That's not necessarily money-saving...but I just thought I would share our cast iron love. If you are interested in using cast iron too, you can find some here: Cast Iron 3 Piece Skillet Set  

Another way to save money for your household is to make or purchase reusable sandwich/snack bags...

I found these ones on etsy at THIS shop. I think she had the best prices (and great reviews as well!). Here you can kinda see on the inside of the's velcro to hold it shut and the inside is made of a wipe-clean material...

Although my children don't go to public school, we do have our homeschool co-op twice a month. There are other occasions we need to pack lunches or a snack for as well and this will help cut our baggie-usage in half! I hate using and throwing away so many baggies (and they are such a pain to clean out and then try to dry). I pack my husband's lunch for work so they work for him as well. :)

And last, but not least, this isn't *really* a money saving idea...ok, maybe a little. You'll have to be the judge. My snack of choice is having air-popped popcorn from time-to-time. The healthiest way to eat it is by air-popping. The air-popper I have pictured here is from when I was a kid! It belonged to my parents and they let me have it at some point in my marriage. This thing is well over 20 or 25 years old (and still going!). So...saving money with this is shown by not using up oil that can be pretty pricey and using something until it wears out (no need to buy a new air popper until this one dies, right?). You can find new ones HERE .

And to be completely real...I will admit that I misjudged the correct bowl size and while I was taking the picture, the popcorn kept popping and started going *everywhere*!!! haha!

So those are just a few ways we are being frugal. We do some other things as well but I have mentioned those before in posts (like, using cloth napkins, having chickens for eggs and selling the surplus eggs to collect money to feed them, etc.). I don't want to sound redundant! Although this is a post completely from me, I did add a few affiliate links in there (a very small way to help us earn a little extra money).

What are some ways you save money? I'd love to hear about them!!
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  1. Good morning Katy... My way to keep cost down in our home is we as well have a wood furnace, we don't eat out, home cooked meals, I make menus and follow them, shop only thrift stores and garage sales for my clothing, it's a bit harder for hubby's, I do buy all under garments and such at dept store...I buy in bulk, we buy all our beef from my family, I can and freeze as much veggies and fruits.... I craft and do handmade items for most gift giving... We keep unused charger cords and such unplugged.....we buy what we need, we aren't materalistic people...... Thank you for the suggestions on the dryer balls will be giving them a try.....

  2. Cutting those utility bills in half feels so good! We recently bought a new washer also that is energy efficient and I have noticed a change. We also installed a solar water heater a few years back and that has made a huge difference. It even works in the winter providing there is sunlight (it doesn't need to be hot, just bright). I love the reusable baggie idea! Thank you for sharing ;)

  3. Whoo hoo for cuttilng that gas bill! Our dryer recently died and Chuck declared it BER (beyond economical repair) and our washer had been on its last leg for a while (about every other load I had to spin it an extra time for two). We purchased a top load HE washer and the matching dryer. (Is it crazy that I am excited about matching applicances?!) Anyway, I can tell that it is going to be a great money saver as a load of jean is dry in one cycle. I am looking forward to seeing the savings show up on our electric bill.

  4. These are some of my favorite ways Katy!

  5. What a cozy kitchen you have! We make air popped popcorn several times a week for a snack, and we buy the popcorn in bulk from our food co-op. My kids love that they can make it themselves!

  6. I'm thinking through more ways to be frugal too my friend...thank you for sharing your ideas. I will have to look into those dryer balls...they are a great idea it seems. Hugs to you! Camille

  7. Wonderful post and beautiful photos...and music! Very heartwarming, thank you. You have a lovely blog.

  8. Awesome post. I am into anything frugal. Thank you for posting this.


  9. Good morning, dear Katy! It was such a joy to see your lovely blog at the Roses of Inspiration party - thank you so much for linking up!

    I am not sure if I have ever visted your sweet blog..... It's simply beautiful and the music is oh so wonderful. I truly appreiate you sharing this helpful post with ROI and I hope you're able to join us again sometime soon.

    Hugs and blessings! Stephanie - The Enchanting Rose


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