Saturday, March 7, 2015

Celebrating Chris!

My husband had a birthday this past week! We loved getting to spoil him on his day! This is the 15th birthday I have spent with him. I am so grateful!

My sister sent Chris a card and we skyped with her and the girls while he opened them! The girls were going to sing but clammed up when showtime came! ;)

Chris had to get ready to leave for work, but the children and I (we love to give gifts!) convinced him to open his gift before he left! We got him a Carhartt 3-Seasons coat...

It fits him perfectly and he really likes it! He's already put it to good use!

That evening I had to teach spin class at the Y, so Madelyn was in charge of making daddy's birthday supper. She invited Ma and Pa (Chris's parents) up to join everyone! Madelyn loved getting to be the hostess/cook for the evening (especially for a special meal for Daddy). Once I got home from spin, Madelyn put candles on the cake she made and we sang...

Haha...a silly staged photo...

They also had a little party for Chris at work (he works for my parents). They always throw a little party whenever any of their employees has a birthday!

Opening a couple gifts...

Aunt Jo was there...she even offered to wear the bow from Chris's package when it was removed! She's such a good sport. We love her so! Here is Madelyn putting the bow on her...

Chris really enjoyed his day. Birthdays are so fun, aren't they?

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