Tuesday, March 24, 2015

A Day With My Nieces

I haven't gotten to see these cuties in a couple months. Busy schedules, snow and schooling has kept us from getting to visit! My sister is battling a doozy of a cold so I decided to journey to her house to see if I could be some help to her while she didn't feel well.

I got to have tea parties, watch the girls play and snuggle the baby! :)

The girls showed me their amazing tight-rope walking skills....

They were quite amazing!

Dinah wore this hat around for a while and was oh-so-cute. I felt it quite necessary to snap a couple pictures...

I loved getting to snuggle this wee-one...

She was so adorable in these sunglasses although the picture doesn't do her justice...

Watching the girls play was so sweet...

Their imaginations are absolutely wonderful...

Although they *do* bicker (as all children will do)....they told me they were "best friends"...

Don't let my pictures fool you....I got to hold and talk to Audra a lot today. This little gal *loves* attention...

One of the crocheted sun hats I made fits Audra perfectly...so it became hers. My sister's girls are the biggest recipients of *Aunt TiTi's* handmade gifts! They wear all the things I make them so I really enjoy gifting them things! Isn't she precious???

Many of you  have been reading here for years (I think I have been blogging for 9 years or so!). You have watched my children grow over the years and now my sister's children as well. Not everyone likes "family" posts....but they are part of my memories and things that I love. When I publish my blog books (I am sooo behind in years...but it can get pretty pricey)...I want to have all these memories tucked safely inside. :) So, in the midst of my posts on simple living, faith, knitting and crochet projects and homeschooling, I will continue to post these lovely times of *family*. Before we know it, these children will be grown with children of their own, Lord willing. It's never wrong to save as many memories as possible!

Thank-you for stopping by to visit with me here. Your thoughtful comments are always so encouraging. I don't respond to each one usually....but if there is a question, I do try to either email you or leave a reply in the comments. Please know that even though I don't always respond to each comment, they are such a joy to read. I truly appreciate you taking the time to drop me a note!

I hope the start to your week is full of rays of sunshine!


  1. Cute pictures! I hope your sister is feeling better soon.


  2. Aahhh...... LOVE!!!
    Nothing better than babies. (: Thanks for sharing these beauties Katy. I know you enjoyed helping your sister "just a little bit." (;

    I always enjoy seeing your handmades too. Are you going to stock up your Etsy shop? I'd enjoy having an ear warmer and more dish cloths (or would you take a personal order?).

    Have a great day!


    1. Mitzi,

      I *do* plan on stocking my shop! :) I am working on things now! If you want to email me and place a personal order, I can try to do that for you too! :) Thanks!!!

  3. What a sweet blessing for your sister and for YOU! How precious it is to have family close by. And, I agree...family memories are wonderful to treasure up! You have been blogging for nine years??!! Your family will be so thankful for all the memories you have stored up for them by this means. Hugs to you! Camille

  4. I enjoy all of your posts family ones especially with pictures so thanks for them. Enjoy your weekend. Blessings joann


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