Saturday, March 14, 2015

A Busy Bee

The knitting, cleaning, organizing and busyness of life continues on here. The temps are slowly rising into the 40's and the snow is melting (albeit slowly). We still have a lot of the white stuff but the knowledge that it will soon be gone makes me optimistic! I have even heard some birds singing lately and oh how that makes *my* heart sing!!! Winter makes me really appreciate spring and summer! :)

I've been filing away some different papers (bill stubs, receipts, important documents etc.)...

I put some of my more recent knitting patterns (that I have been using) into a folder book to keep them neat...

Knitting and homekeeping books *sigh*....

Yarn, yarn, yarn (I have lots more of it too! This is just a portion...along with a WIP)...

My desk is tidy and organized...

Around the house...


Our homeschool co-op hosts an academic fair each year. I took lots and lots of pictures but don't have permission from parents to post them I will just share a couple of my children and some different projects that were there...

Xavier and Jaxson were in a class where they used K'nex to make machines. It was a really great class.....made the children really think and work together...

You can watch a short video clip I took of their machine in action HERE. It worked perfectly and the boys were sooo excited! Apparently, when I was videoing the end of the machine, Xavier's reaction was priceless. I was bummed to miss it.

You can see some of the different projects below. The kids did such a great job with them!

This was a display from Madelyn's art class....her and a friend made the display board...

That wasn't even all of the projects. There were many, many more! Aren't they just fantastic? The children were in charge of picking their topic, researching it, making a display (with visual aids/props) and asking three questions from their boards that people could go around and answer.

Here's Chris, Madelyn and Xavier below. X is shaking a creamer in a bowl with ice that they added salt make ice cream! That was one of the projects of one of the families in the group! Isn't that so neat!?

 So, as you can see, I have been a busy bee lately. It feels so good to accomplish things, doesn't it?
I hope you are enjoying your weekend. I taught spin this morning, finished our worship guide for church, did some organizing and now I need to continue to work on my knitting and then attend to some housework. :)

Thanks for stopping by! It's so wonderful to hear from you!!


  1. Your home looks so welcoming and cosy Katy. Yippee for homeschool gatherings where work is displayed! I have fond memories of those days with our children. I love to hear the birds in the spring as well. Hang in there...the snow will be gone soon. Hugs, Camille

  2. Love seeing your home photos.
    Everything al the exhibit looks terrific!

  3. Always amazed at how invitingly comfortable, cozy, and clutter-free your home is. Wish you'd share your secret.

  4. Always amazed at how invitingly comfortable, tranquil, and clutter-free your home is. Please do share your secret. :-)


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