Friday, February 20, 2015

Thinking Spring: Seeds

What better way to get over the winter blues than to start planning your garden? That's what I am doing! We have gotten our seeds, in the past, from many different places. (We love looking through seed catalogs, don't you?) This year, a friend recommended a place with non-GMO, organic seeds. I thought it sounded pretty great so I looked into it!

SeedsNow is a company that offers raw, un-treated seeds! We just ordered the sampler packs and found them to fill what we needed at great prices! I also love the resealable plastic bags they come in! How perfect! Much better than paper seed holders! I can use them over and over!

Look at this....a little personalization on my receipt (which I thought was super-sweet)...

When your seeds arrive in the mail, they come with a guide to starting your seeds. There is also a *cheat sheet* for 99 cents that helps you know how to space things (I got that too...thought it would be good to have!)...

My receipt of the things we ordered...

This is *not* an advertisement post. I just wanted to share with you where we got our seeds this year and recommend them to you as well! I didn't get paid or even asked to write this post (although I do earn a little commission if you purchase seeds using my referral link: SeedsNow!

I would love to hear what you are planning for your garden this year! I am *so* over winter! How 'bout you?



  1. Hello. Katy I just ordered my seed samplers for the spring garden from SeedsNow using your link. Thanks so much for posting about this company. SeedsNow have a wonderful website and my hubby and I looked over some of the things we wanted to grow this year and it was some much more that could be planted in our zone then we actually know lol. We are zone 8 on the east coast and we will be using SeedsNow to order our seedlings. I pray all the family is well and thanks again for another wonderful post.

  2. I'm ordering my seeds right now! :)

  3. Hello Katy, We are also looking at our seed catalogs, but mostly our son now plans the garden! I am usually in charge of the pumpkins.
    I will enjoy our garden this year as we did not do one last year.
    Hey, have you ever Dry packed (dry beans and canned them?
    Thinking about giving it a try next week!
    Warmly, Roxy

  4. Thanks so much for sharing. I have been thinking about looking for non-gmo seeds. I will be ordering my seeds through your link.

  5. Thanks for sharing, I ordered through your link:)

  6. Happy garden planning! Spring is coming...soon! Hugs, Camille


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