Tuesday, February 3, 2015

"Nothing is ever really lost to us...

...as long as we remember it."
~L.M. Montgomery, The Story Girl

It's been an emotionally exhausing time for my husband's family. The passing of his Uncle Big Time (that was his nickname that we will all remember fondly) was a loss we all felt deeply. As we were at the funeral yesterday morning, his daughters (and others) recalled memories of him that were so true. He was such a kind-hearted, generous, loving man. He had a hearty laugh and personality. Big Time is the perfect nickname for him. He was given it long before I came into the family...so I am not sure exactly *how* he got the name but it was so suiting because it matched his larger-than-life spirit. He was always ready to share his faith, his money, and his time.

Some of the things shared were things I knew about Uncle Big Time...but some, I did not know. The love and tenderness he had toward his wife and daughters was beautiful to hear about. One of his daughters (who is grown, married and with children of her own) is not fond of storms...and she shared that if her dad wasn't sitting *with* her to weather the storm, he would be calling to check on her and make sure she was okay during the storm. I must admit, the tears were flowing yesterday...a lot. It was a beautiful service...Christ-centered and a beautiful memorial to Uncle Big Time.

 I must admit, as I was sitting at the service yesterday, all I could think of is what an inspiration Uncle Big Time was! As things were shared about him, I found myself thinking how much *I* want to be like that! The generosity he showed to others (in a quiet/non-showy way) was amazing. He was so Christ-like in his behavior...all the while, probably not even realizing that one day we would be talking about these wonderful qualities and desiring to implement them in our own lives! He is touching lives even *after* he has gone to be with Jesus! To be honest, though, he would probably hate to know I was going on about him so! He was truly humble!

Knowing that he is with Christ is so comforting. He is more joyful now than he ever was here (even though that is hard to imagine). He will be greatly missed by so many until we get the privilege to see him again. During the viewing service, the family was lined up from before 1pm until after 8pm! So many people were lined up that the family never got a break! And bless the hearts of those who came to pay their respects....they were in line for hours waiting (some outside in line, in the *snow*!). You know that man touched so many lives when people are willing to stand in line for hours to pay their respects to the family!

We are just so thankful for Uncle Big Time and all the memories to remember him by! Thank you for your love and prayers for the family. They are so very appreciated!

"Sharing tales from those we've lost is how we keep from really losing them."
~Mitch Albom, For One More Day

And because I want to remember these things...a couple photos of my boys today (making my heart glad!)...

They planned on playing Cowboys after schooling was done for the day....but then changed their minds and decided to head outside to build a snow fort...

As always, thank-you for coming by and reading as I share from my heart! The sun is shining bright today and making for a cheery heart! It's just what is needed in this house today!



  1. Love the cowboy picture!

    sorry i didn't make it to the viewing/visitation time... we've been praying for you all!

  2. I have been to viewings where I stood in line for hours. I always find it a comfort knowing the person I cared about was loved by so many. Praying that you and your family continue to find comfort as your hearts heal!

  3. blessings, hugs, comfort to you all.....,,,

  4. What a wonderful man! So happy that you all had him in your family and that he's been an example in your lives. It's a blessing to know you'll see him again.


  5. What a blessing for you all to have had him in your family and to be influenced by his life. Thankful for heaven and the promise to see him again.


  6. What a generous tribute that you shared with us! I will look for him in heaven one day and tell him, of how I knew about him (Smile)
    Blessings, Roxy


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