Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Indoor Busyness

When it's white, dreadfully cold (below zero), and *frightful* outside...(although all you snow lovers would probably call it *delightful*, huh?) it's a great time to get busy doing things *in*side! So, I have done some painting in the kitchen (we have plaster walls that aren't day I would love to redo my whole kitchen but for now, I do the best with what I have!). The color of paint I used is called *cottage white*. It's softer and warmer than just bright white! 

I would love to set up a good command center here...but I'm just not sure *how* want to do it yet...

As you can see, I'm attempting to warm up my the stark red and white is just not my preference (but I am truly grateful to *have* a kitchen and for all the Lord provides)...

Stella is doing well. She's such a sweetie...quick to start purring, playful, and loving. She likes to be playful at night...which drives the children bonkers...hehe!

 I am reading (among other things) The Gospel-Driven Life by Michael Horton. It's a *great* book. It is theologically sound and not difficult to read. I highly recommend it! A beautiful truth from the book....

"Yet the wonder of the cross is that the same God whose holy character requires justice also paid the price himself. Now that is love!" 

I've been teaching spin class a lot lately...which I really enjoy! I have lost 12 lbs. already this year from keeping track of my food intake and getting lots of exercise. I look forward to nicer weather so that I can run, mow the lawn and be active outside! 

I am looking forward to working in the garden too! I ordered my seeds and they arrived today! They are organic, non-gmo seeds from SeedsNow. A friend ordered from there last year and liked recommended their site to others. We're going to give them a try! I love to see things grow! new life is a beautiful thing! 

Housework keeps me busy as well. The children help with the chores...but you know that as Mama Hen, I am in charge of making sure all gets done properly. ;) Is it strange that I enjoy doing housework *much* more in the nicer days of spring and summer? Inside work just seems more pleasant when you can open the windows and enjoy the breeze and hear the laughter of the children playing outside. Winter sees me struggling to balance cabin fever and feelings of coziness. Although I *desire* to just feel cozy and snug at home, I can often find myself feeling quite stir-crazy! This home-body is feeling too home-bound! Crazy, isn't it? ;)

Jaxson, along with the boy we babysit three days a week, were examining some different slides with Jax's microscope...

My Xavier...

I've been working on a new knitting project in my free time...

Mornings see us busy with our studies...

And finally, a few photos of my desk. I took some time to organize it better and tidy it up a bit...

As you can see, the weather outside is frightful...but inside is so delightful (you sang that as you read it...didn't you?)! We're keeping busy and praying winter ends soon. With these extreme cold temperatures (-25*F at times) I am hoping it will decrease the number of ticks we have around when spring arrives. I shudder even thinking of the ticks....ick!

As I dream of spring, green grass, flowers, gardening, sunshine and warmer temperatures ~ I will continue to praise God in the midst of the winter storms. It's not hard to praise Him...but *is* quite difficult to be content with all that white stuff flying around outside! ;)

How's your weather? What have you been filling your days with? I pray it is all done to the glory of God! Have a great rest of your week!



  1. the weather here in SC for an few days its been really cold an gloomy an icy they are calling for snow on Saturday .. just wish spring hurry up an come cause im like you on the windows up an i do feel homebound also. around here its been homeschool,house cleaning an crochet when i can

  2. Congrats on the weight lose, that is something to be very proud of, I wish I had your will power & drive!

    I love your "splash" of red in your kitchen, makes it look homey.


  3. The weather is amazingly cold! We are indoors too, so I am trying to focus on some creative projects to accomplish.

    I would add some soft yellow to your kitchen to warm it up and use red as an accent color!


  4. Hello Katy,

    It sounds like you guys are being blessed with our kind of winter weather. This year our winter has been unusually warm - a nice little blessing out here on the Montana prairie.
    Hope you guys warm up soon.

  5. Yeah, the weather is frightful here too. Very cold but I guess it could be worse. I have an idea for your contact center... paint from the top of the door fram down a couple feet in the chalk board paint then add to the bottom of that a section of cork board. Pretty inexpensive and very functional.
    We are just keeping busy inside with books, old movies, crosswords, and crafts. Our public school has been cancelled all week due to snow and very cold temperatures.
    Wow, 12 pounds, I think I might have put that on this winter with so little exercise. Hopefully it will come off as easily as it went on! LOL! :)
    Enjoyed seeing all these great organized pictures! (you inspire me!)


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