Sunday, February 15, 2015

A Simple, Joy-Filled Valentine's Day

Chris and I don't really *do* anything for each other on Valentine's Day. We didn't buy special gifts or anything like that. He worked on putting insulation in our addition which made me *quite* happy! Our children decided we needed to *do* something for V-day so they put together a "romantic evening".

The lit candles, played music, made us "how well do you know your spouse" questionaires, had a "draw your spouse" contest, riddles, snacks and more!

Madelyn dressed up for the event...

She played some hymns on the piano for us to enjoy as well...

Jaxson was there too!


My valentine...

The evening was full of laughter as we filled out the questionaire. It was fun....we both did well but I certainly *must* brag that I won that contest! We drew pictures of each other but Chris didn't want me to post a photo because he said the picture he drew was too terrible! Hahaha!

I found it incredibly sweet that our children were bound and determined to make us have a special day together (since we didn't do so ourselves). They are so thoughtful!

We are home from church today as our church (and many in our area) has cancelled services today. That hasn't happened before since we have attended there but due to extreme cold our pastor and the church board determined it was terribly dangerous to have people out in that. Right now, our thermometer says it is -9* outside (and the forecast says we may be having -30* wind gusts)! Brr! I am glad to be hunkering down inside today. Our pastor encouraged us all to take this time to have family worship at home...prayer, singing, reading of the Scriptures etc. We will definitely be doing that!

I hope you have enjoyed your Valentine's Day....even if it was just like any other day! I pray that wherever you are, you are warm! My husband, brave, sweet soul that he is, goes out to tend the outdoor wood stove for us so we can stay warm and cozy inside! Oh, how thankful I am for him!

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  1. It sounds even more special because they did that for you both!
    Blessings, and safety through out the storms.

  2. How precious that your children put a party together for you!! SOOO sweet. Hugs to you! Camille


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