Sunday, January 11, 2015

Meet Stella

My heart was broken at Thanksgiving. My beloved Lee went missing....I called and called him and hoped he would come back. I had just spent the previous day holding on him and loving him. Unfortunately, my worst fears came true, he got hit on the road. Tears flowed....for a long time. I decided no more cats for me (especially since Chris said he didn't want indoor cats...only outdoor). 

My heart stayed sad as I missed Lee greatly. His big eyes, his purring....I missed his sweet, loving demeanor. I asked (pleaded) with Chris to let me adopt a cat for indoors. He told me he would think on it...and the other day, I got the "okay"! 

A local cat rescue had kittens available for adoption. They had gotten their shots and been fixed. For a fee, you could adopt one of them! I filled out an application and the owner said she thought she had just the cat I was hoping for! I wanted one with eyes like Lee....that purred like Lee and I was hoping for a Torti-colored one! She had *just* the baby for me!

She had the name Luna when we got her. She is 3 months old and absolutely delightful! She is snuggling with Chris as I type! He won't admit it, but he's a softie at heart! On the way home, Jaxson said her name should be "StellaLuna" (after a book we have that the children love)...I told him that was a great idea but that I would like to call her Stella for short!

The pictures really don't do her justice at all! She is *much* prettier in person! My heart is quite full right now!!! :)



  1. She is a beauty! Welcome home Stella. :)

  2. El wants to come visit right away (of course)... and said... "That's all the pictures!? Just three!!?"

  3. SOOOOOO CUTE! My Precious is a Tortie too, and definitely my baby. Welcome Stella!

  4. Oh she's beautiful! There is absolutely nothing like a kitty purring in your lap. We have Jinx and Sassy, both gray tigers, that we love fiercely. Congrats on your sweet new one! :)


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