Thursday, January 22, 2015

Boys Can Sew Too!

Jaxson, using his own money, bought Star Wars fabric so he could make himself a pillowcase. Grammie (my mom) took him up to my sister's house where they worked on it together! Jaxson is my creative child and this was right up his alley! It is so rewarding to make something for yourself, isn't it?

Since I wasn't there, I was grateful to my sister who took these photos for me!

He did a great job and very happily lays upon the pillowcase he made, each night!

Although you will most often see a female sewing...I just have to say that *boys can sew too*! :)



  1. I think it is awesome that your son is sewing. My hubby can sew and is pretty good at it his momma taught him. As for me well lets just say I need to stick to cross stitching and crocheting as I can't sew a lick.

  2. I love it! Not many boys want to sew.

    Grace & Peace

  3. A great skill to have... go Jaxson!

  4. That is great he is learning to sew, he'll use that skill many, many time during the course of life. I remember when I was in junior high and high school, it was required for all students to take a home economics class along with an industrial arts class. They don't have them in school now, which is a shame for our younger generation. This morning my daughter wanted to wear a pair of pants to school that had a small rip along the side seam. After watching her attempt to fix it while wearing the pants and then after she took them off (after I told her it would be easier), she proceeded to try again. She didn't realize you had to turn them inside out. Common sense, but if you aren't taught it anywhere you won't know. Guess what we are doing this weekend..a little hand sewing to practice.



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