Thursday, January 8, 2015

"A home is...

...a house with a heart inside."
~ Author Unknown

Just a few pictures from around my well as some of the children's schooling. They were all reading at the same time (Jaxson to me and Madelyn and Xavier silently) and I just had to stop and take a quick photo of each. Madelyn is reading "The Spy" by James Cooper. Xavier is reading "Alice in Wonderland" and Jaxson is reading "Swiss Family Robinson". It was quite lovely seeing them all peacefully reading (as not all moments in this crazy household are peaceful!).

Out the windows you will notice we have a lot of that fluffy, cold white stuff. The snow held off until January but is now hitting us with a vengence! We have bitterly cold temperatures...making our wood stove work extra hard! I *am* thankful though to see the sun shining! It's a beautiful thing, that sunshine!

The boys are practicing their instruments right now...and then our school day is finished (before lunch even! Woohoo! Some days, we aren't finished until the afternoon!). My stomach is letting me know it's lunch time (who needs clocks? My stomach always lets me know what time it is!). So, I am going to get some lunch prepared and continue with my day. Housework needs finished and knitting needs done. :) I hope your Thursday is enjoyed!



  1. Hi Katy, Love visiting your page! Beautiful to see the children reading, and classics no less! Stop over and visit my page if you like... Stay Warm....

  2. Please share what all you are cooking on the stove.

    1. Hi Jenn :)

      I had a venison roast in the oven, mashed potatoes, broccoli, peas and sauteed onions on the stove! :)

    2. I was wondering too :) Mmmmmm..... sounds delicious.

  3. Katy love all your pictures. You have a good Thursday also stay warm :) blessings joann

  4. Hello Katy, Warm and cozy and living in a far away place in a lovely book!
    Cold and been trying to make a snowflake pattern with crocheting for a liitle small project to keep me busy while sitting down, these long cold evenings!
    Blessings, Roxy

  5. Such a wonderfully cozy home! Good job Mamma!

  6. wonderful pictures kat and it is cold as well here cant wait till we hot back up in the 80s-110s.

  7. I enjoy glimpses into your lovely, warm, comfortable home and seeing what the children are up to. My, they are really growing up!

  8. Haha...yes, my tummy speaks to me, too! :) Your home looks lovely and inviting, Katy. I agree...peacefully reading children are a blessing. Hugs to you! Camille

  9. Katy, what wonderful photos... Reading such a great way to enjoy the indoors... I have found myself involved in a few new books as well.. I know how you are always interested in good Christian reading and these are just for us girls.. Women Living Well by Courtney Joseph and The Good Wife's guide by Darlene Shaught... I love these types of books and I feel all women needs tips now and then... You can check them out on Amazon to read a exerpt and what I got these for only 2.99 each on my E reader... just something to share... stay warm and yes its cold here in Ky too... suppose to maybe get Ice tonight.. UGG... Oh well had sunshine yesterday can't complain... take care


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