Monday, January 5, 2015

A Gift for Dinah

Dinah-girl turned two the other day! You can see some super-cute pictures of her HERE. We haven't gotten to get together with them I haven't been able to give her this new hat I knitted up for her. So, for now, you'll have to just see it modeled on Maudie-the-Model. I'll be sure to share pics of her *wearing* it as soon as I get to visit her again (hopefully this coming weekend if no one is sick!). I hope it fits her well. For me, nothing is more rewarding after knitting something than to see it in use for the first time.

You can see some pictures of my new niece, Audra, HERE. It's hard to believe she is one month old already!

Thanks for visiting. I would love to hear about any projects you are working on!



  1. So sweet... she even has said her fav color is green!

    1. Really? GREAT! :) I hope she likes it!!!

  2. Cute! I love homemade gifts. :)

  3. super cute hat! and green is MY favorite color! :) Can't wait to see the litte cutie wearing it!

  4. Such a sweet little warm hat! I am working on mending a stack of hubby's jeans. Nothing creative but very productive! :)


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