Thursday, December 4, 2014

When the Baby Turns Nine....

...this mama tries to embrace the reality of the fact that her children are quite grown up! It's incredibly bittersweet to watch them grow. On the one hand, your *babies* aren't babies anymore (and I miss that) and on the other hand, it is *such* a blessing to be with them and watch them grow and mature!

Madelyn made chocolate chip pancakes...specially in honor of Jaxson's birthday...

Her lovely apron is courtesy of Roxy from Living from Glory to Glory!

A couple gifts to open...

The pancakes Madelyn made...

Cupcakes I made for Jaxson's small family birthday party...

My boy loves Star Wars...

Mama and Jaxson (photobombed by Madelyn)...

Jaxson got some gifts from loved ones...

My Sci-Fi fan loves Tolkien books/movies too! Aunt Nen knew that! :)

He had an enjoyable birthday, I think. When I asked him what his favorite part of his birthday was, he said "All of it!". :) That makes this mama's heart glad. It was a simple day....nothing over-the-top...and he appreciated and loved all of it!

Thanks for taking the time to drop by and share in our celebration with us!



  1. Happy Birthday! It is kind of bitter sweet... mine are 16, 18, and 22. Every year it gets a little easier (still hard) because it is so very rewarding to watch them grow and mature. I don't ponder the empty nest!!!! ;)

  2. Wishing him many more happy birthdays.

  3. My youngest is 9 too! Ah it is bittersweet, but mostly sweet! Having grown up kids is a blessing, too!

    I love the Tolkien shirt!


  4. Your Jaxson and our youngest granddaughter are the same age...she just turned 9 in October. She was the baby of the family. :) It looks as if Jaxson had a lovely sweet of Madelyn to make the special pancakes in honor of Jaxson's birthday!

  5. Happy Birthday!!
    Your children are all very special.
    You are blessed.
    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas season!

  6. Happy Birthday to Jaxson! It looks like he had a very special day!


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