Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Last Post for 2014

A little schooling...

We are studying insects. Here is Jaxson's drawing...

Keeping our work organized...

My Ruthie-girl....always at my feet (9 years old and still cute-as-ever!)...

Madelyn, hard at work...

A few pictures from around the house...

I just love my Ruthers...

I just had to share this wonderful *gift* from friends. They were getting rid of this beautiful cherry armoire. They didn't sell it so they offered it to us as a gift! I was shocked (as this piece wouldn't be something we could afford typically)! It's so beautiful (I love cherry wood) and will work perfectly in our new living room (when the addition is done...which you can see, if you look around the armoire, is not near ready). So, until we are ready for it, Chris said he will work around it while redoing the addition. We'll cover it and move it when necessary. :)

I love how the doors open and then slide back in! There's great storage as well!

 This New Year's Eve we planned on attending a game-playing evening at a friend's house...but their daughter ended up with the stomach *instead* we are planning food, games and movies here at home. Chris mentioned a possible Lord of the Rings marathon!? :)

Life is so very far from perfect but the Lord has kept us and blessed us in 2014. He has continually cared for us and taught us so much. I am looking forward, Lord willing, to 2015 (Can it really be *that* year already?) and how we can use it to best serve Him. May 2015 be a year full of Him and less of me....that's the true cry of my heart (but oh how my selfish self always gets in the way!).

Thank you for visiting me this year. Your kind words of love and encouragement mean so much. I pray my love for Christ, my family and home shine through all for His glory (although, I will admit that my selfish McSelf-Self can get prideful about things quite often. This is something I am praying about and working on....continually!).

See you *next* year! ;)


  1. I love the cherry armoire!!! Great drawing Jaxson made!!! Awww that sweet furr baby!! Your home is so lovely!! You have my kind of style!! Happy New Year!!

    1. You made me smile Hollie! Thank you!!! I hope you have a very happy New Year as well!!! :)

  2. thank you so much again...from France. You are such an inspiration for me, I read your blog every day..and if no new post, I go through the old ones to give me the strength to carry on. Please don't stop writing, we need you! I wish you all the best for 2015, I sure will be by your side, whatever whenever..

    1. Beatrice,
      Thank you!!! I so appreciate the time you take to visit here and read! I absolutely plan to keep blogging! :) But trust me, you don't need *me*...all you need is Christ! :) Happy New Year!!!

  3. I've been a long time reader of your blog and it has been a pleasure watching your family grow. You inspired me to start my blog in 2010 and so glad I did, I've met so many wonderful people through blogging. You have a lovely family and so many blessings. You have made a difference in my life and I'm sure many others. Have a wonderful New Year...many blessings to you. Jill

    1. Thank you Jill!!! What kind and thoughtful words....thank you for blessing me by sharing them! Happy New Year!! :)

  4. Selfish McSelf-Self - - hahaha! You're so cute! (: I sent my e-mail exactly as posted Katy; it just didn't go through I guess, for some reason. I will snail mail you FOR SURE! (; I have something for the boys too - - perfect (and fun) since they're studying insects. HAPPY NEW YEAR my friend! May God continue to bless you and your family. You've certainly blessed me. (:


    P.S. So excited for you and the project to get started that you've been waiting for. We have several of those *projects* around here too. (: Beautiful piece of furniture!

  5. Thank you for sharing your sweet family all year. I always enjoy your posts. Have a wonderful blessed New Year!

  6. You inspire me so much, and I look forward to reading your blog every day! Thanks so much for opening your heart and home to us all! Happy New Year to you and your family!

  7. I am new to your blog and have enjoyed reading it and seeing your pictures of your family and home. God bless you in 2015 and I will be excited to see what is in store for us all!!


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