Monday, December 29, 2014

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Do you see anything out that window...? Anything white and cold? ....No? Me neither! Woohoo!!! I am not a huge fan of snow and I am loving that we have only had a few flurries so far this winter! Ok...snow lovers, don't hate me! I like the look of snow...for like, a day or two...but then I get sick of it terribly quickly! Freshly fallen snow is gorgeous but once it has been driven on, walked through and mixed with mud and such, it loses it's gorgeousness and just becomes a freezing cold nuisance! ;)

I enjoyed taking a few photos around the house with my new camera!

This beautiful cross-stitch was made for us (and given as a Christmas gift) from my Grammie...

Here are some dish cloths I had knitted up as gifts this year...

I love the teapot pattern above...and below is just a fun pattern...


Another teapot...

All of our hens are the same age. They have been laying the same amount of time....but obviously one of them must be a little stunted!!!....

We started back to our schoolwork today. Although the freedom of *not* schooling was enjoyed, it is also quite nice to get back into a routine (at least in this mama's opinion...not sure that my children agreed!)!

So that's what happening in our neck of the woods. Another thing going on (which I am super, uber excited about) is that we are *finally* getting to work on our addition. We built the addition on our house when I was pregnant with Xavier (11 years ago!). Chris does most of the work himself, so we have to wait until time and money allow things to get done. Between having to get wood for the wood stove each year, working on the roof and/or siding, plus his regular job, church responsibilities and helping other loved ones with man doesn't get a lot of extra spare time.

Now that we have the wood shed filled and deer processing season is over....we are getting the addition cleaned out (as we have used it as a shed of sorts for all these made for some great storage) and ready to get worked on! I know it's not going to get finished overnight (wouldn't that be great though?)...but I am just excited to get it going. It will be a new, bigger living room with a mud/laundry room and a pantry! Yippee! :) I'll be sure to share progress pics as I can!

Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope you are relaxing after the busy Christmas season and able to get back into a comfortable routine with your family! Hope your week is fantastic!!



  1. Katy we just finished our addition and I feel for you. I'm sure it will be wonderful when it's done. Look forward to the pictures . Blessings joann

  2. I feel the same about snow. So far we have only had a small amount. Whew! I am looking forward to seeing the pictures as you work on your addition. How exciting!

  3. The new camera takes lovely photos. Nope didn't see any white stuff. We were supposed to get snow too but thankfully we didn't. That;s wonderful about the addition.

  4. Beautiful photo's. I love your dish cloths. Have you knit it with cotton? Is it hard to do?

  5. Dear Katy, So glad you have the excitement of a new addition for your home!
    May you have a wonderful Happy New Year! We have had all 8 grandchildren for 12 days we are tired yet blessed!
    Blessings, Roxy

  6. I'm so glad you guys are going to get started on the new addition! How exciting! Love your dish cloths!! Your home is so warm and cozy!!

    I have a question....
    Do you have any idea what happened to Tammy from "My Country Home?" I so miss her!!

  7. Blessings to you Katy! It has been a wonderful season. I am looking forward to the normal routine that will return next week for me. There is no snow here in Wisconsin either (and that's OK). Can't wait to see how your new addition is coming along! :)


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