Wednesday, December 10, 2014

"A happy life must be..." a great extent a quiet life, for it is only in an atmosphere of quiet that true joy dare live."

~ Bertrand Russell

"Kind words, kind looks, kind acts and warm handshakes, these are means of grace when men in trouble are fighting their unseen battles."

~ John Hall

“Faith is the realization that God’s pleasure in you will never

 be based upon your performance for him. Instead, God’s 

pleasure in you will always be based upon Christ’s 

performance for you.” 

Days are busy in our neck of the woods (I'm sure they are in yours too!). We're busy with schoolwork, reading, instrument practice/recitals, helping at the meat market (during deer processing time ~ the kids are such great helpers!), knitting, babysitting and Christmas gift buying. It's been zany, I tell ya!

I am quite happy though that I have most of my Christmas shopping done. That is such a blessing! I love to bless people with gifts, but don't enjoy feeling rushed to pick out gifts. I must admit that I enjoy online shopping the most. You can peruse sales, compare prices and visit different store sites all from home! Often I will find something I would like to purchase and then go to other sites that might offer the same product and compare prices/shipping/sales etc. That way I am spending money well. I also like using Ebates to get money back from any purchase you make! If you would like to join, I would love if you use my referral link HERE.

Madelyn and I have both been working on many knitting projects...making gifts for loved ones...

Today, I made homemade caramels for the guys down at the meat market. They all spend all day working at their jobs and then their evenings down at the meat market processing deer that come in. (Deer season is such an exhausting time for everyone!). A few years back, I made caramels and all the guys *loved* them. They are the melt-in-your-mouth perfect sort of caramel. I decided to make them for them again this year to take down to them as a surprise!

You can find the recipe for them HERE. I must warn you though...if you are watching your waistline ~ don't eat too many!!! ;)

One nice thing about the darkness setting in earlier is that the candles have a beautiful glow about them in our home that makes this evenings feel so cozy against the dark backdrop of the early nights. Often, if you find  yourself visiting me in the evenings, you will find a candle (or two or three) lit in my home.

And....before I go, I just had to share with you this sweet know X left me. He spelled "couple" wrong...but oh the love he shares here for me makes me swoon. You know, everytime that boy passes me, he stops by and plants a kiss on my cheek. Often, I am in the middle of doing something and shoo him away...but I know I need to realize how much of a sweet blessing that is and that it won't happen forever. I need to relish in it while I can!

I leave you with a good, deep quote for you to chew on in your day...

“The modern-day gospel says, 'God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life. Therefore, follow these steps, and you can be saved.' Meanwhile, the biblical gospel says, 'You are an enemy of God, dead in your sin, & in your present state of rebellion, you are not even able to see that you need life, much less to cause yourself to come to life. Therefore, you are radically dependent on God to do something in your life that you could never do.” 

I hope your December is going well...thanks, so much, for stopping by to share in mine!



  1. Hi Katy!

    I really enjoyed your post today lady. (; The quote by David Platt refers to fervent prayer I have for a few I know and love whose eyes and hearts need to be opened so badly! It breaks my heart - - I keep praying! I remember seeing pictures of your Chris' baptism and the joy you shared with us. Also, the warning to him how the enemy would really come after him now....
    I think this is probably better suited for an e-mail; I have a couple questions for you if you don't mind my asking Katy...

    Glad you're having a good week! I plan to do a little shopping myself tomorrow; two weeks will get here before you know it. I wanted to try your caramels the last time you posted the recipe, but didn't get around to it. I'm definitely going to give it a whirl this time and give as gifts. Thanks again for the recipe!

    ((hugs)) (;


    1. Hi Mitzi! I am more than happy to talk with you through email!!!

      thecountryblossom at hotmail dot com

  2. It's late for you isn't it? (:
    I look forward to it! Thanks again Katy.


  3. I *love* candles, too. So welcoming and cosy. I smiled at the note left you by your sweet. And...the quote at the end of the post...yes, good food for thought and so true! Merry Christmas to you! Hugs, Camille

  4. Thanks for your post and sweet photos!


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