Saturday, October 18, 2014

Knitting: Owl Hat

I quickly knitted up this fun owl hat the past couple of days. I haven't sewn the buttons on for eyes yet...but may still do that. Above is the hat without the eyes and below is it *with* the buttons on for eyes. Isn't it super cute? :) Can you see the owls?

This hat even fits *me* I am thinking of keeping it for myself. Most things I make I gift to others...but it's fun to keep something for yourself from time to time. :) (I must admit, I was hesitant to post a photo of myself wearing the hat...but I know when I read a blog post with a finished knitted project, I love to see it *on* someone...)

If you are interested in knitting up this pattern, you can find it HERE (it's free!).

Have a great weekend! Thanks for visiting!
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  1. Cute hat Katy and it looks darling on you :) Glad you posted the picture... I really need to learn to knit!!

  2. Adorable ... both hat and model. :-)

  3. Its beautiful and the color makes your eyes stand out... I love Brown Eyes.. my daughter is a brown eyed girl... Beautiful and yes I see the owls... you are so talented....

  4. You are amazingly talented at knitting! Your family must be proud of you and all your lovely handiwork.


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