Monday, October 20, 2014

A Visit with the Munchkins

Last week, Madelyn, Jaxson and I went to visit my sister and her girls (Xavier was working at the garage with PopPop and Daddy). We just love spending time with those girls...they love Jaxson's attention best (and he loves that!).

 Dinah kept patting and hugging Eloise. It was incredibly cute. I didn't get *great* pics of it...but I did get pictures nonetheless.

On the way home....we saw a beautiful rainbow!!!

It was so vibrant and breath-taking! I praise God for His Creation....

We had such a busy day today...we went to our homeschool co-op in the next town over. We enjoy our time there...but oh how exhausted we are when we return home! The boys were invited to friends' house after co-op so they were thrilled to go play with friends. Madelyn and I came home and did some housework and then I went to teach spin class for an hour. Homemade biscuits (by Madelyn) and sausage gravy for supper for the family (I ate a healthier alternative) and now...we are all unwinding. I hope to head to bed soon to spend some time reading and in prayer. My body aches from exercising hard and I am just ready to drop!

Good Night friends!

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  1. the girls surely have grown, how sweet they look!
    lovely sweet smiles... on all of them,
    you are blessed Katy!


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