Sunday, June 22, 2014

Wide Open Spaces

Chris's parents own a farm with lots of beautiful land...

They share this land with all of us. Picnics, gardening, go-kart driving (for the kiddos) and more happen here! I just love to look at it all. It's beautiful. 

They also let Chris raise his meat chickens here! I helped him put up his temporary fence (as these chickens have a faster growing time than normal chickens). I am a poor, poor excuse for a helper though (in fence-putting-up). I, despite thinking I am quite a strong woman, couldn't even pound the stakes into the ground that held the fence! Chris makes it look easy!

 These goofy chickens were not quite sure of coming outside...

We'd pull them out...and they would fly back in!

Maggie, my in-loves pup, ran laps around the fence...*really* wanting to play with these chickens...

Chris and our youngest, Jaxson, made this door together (I was not with them on the evening they made it so I don't have photos...but it was a good father/son learning time.)...

To entice the chickens to come outside and get some fresh air, Chris put some feed outside...

Still not sure about all this...

Oh! Wait! Food!? Yay!!!

My nephews (Chris's brother's boys) wanted to check out these chickens...

It's a Sunday evening. After an afternoon nap, I feel refreshed and relaxed. I have washed some eggs (from our *girls*), have some laundry going (I know it's Sunday...but it's not difficult to throw a load of clothes in the washing machine...we can hardly call it **work**!), and have been enjoying a Keith and Kristyn Getty playlist on youtube. I have also been listening to THIS Voddie Baucham sermon. 

I may wash a few dishes and then work on some knitting before heading to bed later this evening. It's quiet here...Chris and Madelyn are at a picnic (that I decided to stay home from just to have some down-time) and my boys are playing at a friends' house. 

We've had an enjoyable weekend. Things were accomplished, time was spent together! Every moment wasn't perfect but the Lord has been continually humbling me, admonishing me, teaching me and loving me each and every day. I am striving to do all for His glory...and when I am *not* doing that, I am usually focusing on "self" and sinning. Oh how I am grateful that He is constantly molding me. It's often painful as I realize my short-comings and sinful attitude about things but knowing these things helps me humble myself and fall to my knees in repentance. My heart reflects Romans 7:20-25

How was your weekend? 

Living, for His glory,

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  1. Beautiful pictures! Although I live in the burbs I am a country girl at heart. Have a great day!


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