Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Skippy & Dippy

Chris's parents got another couple calves to raise. The other "babies" are a year old now and much, much bigger! Madelyn was so excited...she got to go with Pa to pick them up Sunday evening!

For some reason, unbeknownst to me, my husband declared their names to be Skippy and Dippy. Although, looking at the pictures, I can't remember which is which...? I *think* this one is Dippy...

Look how tiny they are! They need fattened up!!! I *think* this one is Skippy...

I *know* this is Jaxson ;)

I just love their eyes and long eye lashes!

They love sucking on fingers. Poor things were probably expecting milk!

My girl as she walks back to the pavilion (we are holding 5 day clubs here all this week)...

New life on the farm makes me smile. All babies are just so cute! It's hard to embrace the fact that they will provide meat for people one day...but that is why they are here. As they get older (and more stubborn...and a lot less cute), it gets easier to part with them! ;) 


  1. Katy,

    Your last comment struck me funny comparing us older folks as being set in our ways and "a lot less cute" as the years roll along. (;

    My uncle had a dairy farm years ago and the calves were always fun to play with and have suck on your fingers. Your pictures brought back those memories.

    Have a nice evening!


  2. I enjoyed reading this, it brought Me back to my childhood, and our calves. I used to love to have the little calf suck on my fingers. We also
    has 200 chicken, ducks, horses and goats.


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