Thursday, June 26, 2014

June Happenings

I just received letters from our school district letting me know our homeschooling portfolios have been reviewed by the Superintendent and are ready to be picked up! Whew! Another year under our belts! I praise God that we have successfully finished our 6th year of homeschooling! Madelyn will be heading into the 7th grade; Xavier, 5th; Jaxson, 3rd. 

This month (as you have seen in previous posts) has been filled with home, family, friends and **summer**! It's been raining a lot lately though....which means no swimming. The children have enjoyed a lot of playtime with friends and things it's all been good! 

We have been hosting a 5 Day Club (Backyard Bible Club) at Chris's parents' pavilion. It has been going really well! We have had a great turn-out with 10 to 15 kids there per night (despite some rain on and off). The children have been learning about the parables of Jesus (which many of them are already familiar with from the teachings at their homes). They have been singing, learning, doing papers, having snacks and just having a great, God-honoring time! :) Tomorrow (Friday) will be our last day! Our church will be hosting two more over the summer at other families' homes in our area!

Jaxson and his good buddy (and fellow caped-crusader) swinging before the Bible Club began one afternoon...

You can see my Madelyn up front (far left), helping lead some singing with motions...

At home, we have spent time doing many different things. Although the boys aren't excited about reading...we have been focusing on getting some daily reading time in...

I looked at Ruthie, said her name and that tail started wagging ferociously!

The boys were practicing their instruments at the same time (yes, it was a little chaotic)! I was so excited when I got this photo! Jaxson is on his guitar closer to us...and through the window, you can see Xavier on his banjo!

From time to time, I work on my knitting as well! I'll be sure to share my finishes (and WIP) sometime! July is going to be holding many different things for us this year! One thing will be Madelyn's 13th (yes...TEEN) birthday! I don't know if I am ready for this! ;) Any advice, mamas of teens?? 

I hope your June has been enjoyed with all God has given you. 
I appreciate you stopping by! 



  1. Hi Katy! You stopped by this morning and left me a sweet comment and I hopped right on over to visit's been a lovely visit. :) Love that photo of your boys playing their instruments at the same time in different room...very fun shot! It's wonderful to *capture* those things that we think will always be the way they are right now and find that they have changed without our noticing...keep on *capturing*'ll never be sorry for it. And, yes....I *do* have a little advice about the *teen* years...enjoy them...they soon will be behind you as well!! :) I have enjoyed all our teen years and am thankful that the Lord walks each part of the journey with us...He is so faithful. My favourite book for encouragement in this stage of life is called "Age of Opportunity" by Paul David Tripp. Happy (almost) birthday to your Madelyn! Hugs, Camille

  2. Hi Katy. I'd like to start by saying, I love your blog. the teen years go by so quickly and like Camille said, enjoy them. My son just graduated from high school and is going to college. I spent four hours at the college this morning listening to the president of the college,the advisors and financial people. I sat with both ears open and realized, how did this happen so fast? My son said to me before we went in ,mom it is kinda like when I went to kindergarten and they separated the parents and the kids during orientation and I cried and then you cried. Oh how I remember that as it was yesterday. I have a daughter who is going into seventh grade also.I wish time could slow down just a Happy birthday to Madeline. The Lord has blessed you with such wonderful children. Jean


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