Monday, May 26, 2014

Planting May Flowers!

We don't shoot for perfection here...more of a shabby chic, rugged beauty! ;)

I filled in the log planter that Chris made me and I talked about in my LAST post...

I sat out on our front porch this morning reading my bible. It was glorious...a comfy temperature, a nice breeze and the fragrance in the air was wonderful! Oh, the loveliness of spring! On days like this, I truly believe it was only by the grace of God we all made it through the long, snowy winter! ;) 

Today, we honor those who have fought and served our country so we can have the freedoms we do. To you and your families.....*thank-you* for your service. Because of you, I can worship the true and living God without persecution. I can plant flowers and enjoy my home. I can live in peace and safety. My family is so grateful.  

I pray your Memorial Day is full of remembrance, gratitude, family, friends, food and flowers! 


"The world's favorite season is the spring.
All things seem possible in May."
~ Edwin Way Teale


  1. Katy your may flowers look beautiful, its been raining all weekend here, i am so eager to be in the garden planting our plants and just sitting outside amongst nature. best wishes x

  2. Everything looks wonderful! Your new planter is gorgeous!! We are having the same kind of weather. It makes it hard for this girl to go in house. Loving it!

  3. Dear Katy, Yes and amen, may we stop and pray and read the word daily. And we should never take this freedom for granted! Lovely summer planters and summer is full speed ahead! Have a great week! You should link up that log planter on Wed.
    Blessings, Roxy


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