Sunday, May 25, 2014

My New Log Planter!

For Mother's Day, Chris and the children surprised me with a log planter that Chris made for me! You can see that post HERE. We have had a lot of rain lately so we weren't able to get the log moved to where we wanted it until Saturday. God gave us a gloriously beautiful day (and we got a lot accomplished!) so Chris used the skidder to move it (as that log is *super* heavy!)...

After some discussion and contemplation, we decided to put it in front of the garage....

To keep it from rolling off the base logs, Chris cut notches from them...

It worked perfectly!

I got some flowers but need to get more to continue to fill it up...

I really love how it is looking so far though!

Oh the joys and blessings of being married to a skilled man! He, seriously, can do just about everything! When he doesn't know how to do something, he learns! A man with so many skills is often busy doing many, many things so this makes some projects *forever* to accomplish (as we do everything ourselves around here because ~ 1. we can 2. it saves money). Our home and homestead are a constant work in progress. The Lord teaches me much through all this! I can sometimes wish that things were all finished...yesterday! ;) 

 I have another project to share (that Chris is finishing up) soon! I have been photographing the progress and as soon as it is complete, I will share it with you! :) 

I hope your weekend is enjoyable! I need to go make some deviled eggs (I just steamed and blanched some of our fresh chicken eggs) for a picnic. Thank you for stopping by! 



  1. Looks good! You should get more of the over-flowing type flowers... I like how they look hanging down over the side! :)

  2. Dear Katy, I was so excited to see the log planter in place and filled with lovely flowers! And I know how wonderful it is do have someone who can do and fix so many things. For us it is our son, who has fixed everything since he was bit a boy. Homeschooling for him was a learning curve to build, repair and create!
    He has blessed us so many projects and machinery over all these years!
    I just loved the planter, tell your hubby I was really impressed with the planter!
    Can he build me one? Please...
    You can bet I will be showing this to my son LOL
    Blessings to you dear Katy! Roxy

  3. I just love the planter, Katy!! It is wonderful!

  4. I love the planter Katy, it is so beautiful!


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