Thursday, March 27, 2014

Chickens = Eggs

Our hens have been laying quite well (despite the still winter-like weather/temps we have been having). We just love having fresh eggs to eat! It is such a blessing! The one funny thing is the varying sizes of eggs that we get! Above you can see a large one we got versus a tiny one...we got them both on the same day! 

Below you can see a average sized egg we get in the middle with the large and tiny ones to compare to! No matter their size, they taste great!

The large one was a double-yoker, which is always cause for cheers in our house! Xavier called this one for his breakfast...

Madelyn is usually the egg-washer in the house (although sometimes I do it). We are getting 15+ eggs per day! Here is a photo of some that have been recently washed. Look at the varying sizes! Sometimes it is hard to get the top of the carton to fit over them!

Do you have chickens? If so, how well are they laying for you? I hope well! Fresh eggs are such a blessing, truly! When we have extra we sell them to friends very inexpensively. (I am convinced good-for-you food does *not* have to be expensive!)

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  1. We get various egg sizes too! We only have 6 layers right now, but plan on adding more this spring! We like to share our extra eggs with friends and family as well. Blessings!

  2. Very pretty eggs and that double yolker looks delish!!

  3. Beautiful eggs! The double yolk egg looks delicious!

  4. We live in a rented house with a really small garden (yard) so I've deemed it impractical just now but I'm the future I would love to keep chickens.

  5. I have never seen such large double yolks! That is awesome. I can't wait to raise our own chickens and ducks for eggs! It's so expensive to buy eggs that are organic, humanely raised, and fed no soy.

  6. hi katy! love, love, love your blog!!! was just curious about the double yolk eggs...we don't have chickens but I eat lots of eggs and had always thought that double yolks were an oddity. my daughter and I have been buying the jumbo eggs at walmart for the last couple shopping trips and almost every one that we crack is double yolk! is that normal??? is it because they are jumbo eggs? like I said I just always thought it was a rare thing. thanks for your blog and God Bless you & yours :-)

    1. Hello Anon! Thanks so much for reading and your kind words! :)

      Often the super-large eggs are double yolkers. However, if you are buying eggs that are not organic, I would be a little nervous that they were pumped with hormones and such to make them lay those giant eggs. We only get them every once in a while. I am not sure if it is one chicken that lays them itself or if different chickens will lay one every now and then. :)
      They are definitely not usual for us...that's why when we get one, one of the children call dibs on it!!! ;)

  7. My girls have started to lay more regular the past few weeks. At the most 3 eggs a day. I have 3 hens now. We have not gotten any double yolks yet. Maybe soon. But white and brown eggs look pretty in my frig.

  8. Hi Katy,
    Double yolks happen here only once in awhile too, but my little ones get very excited when they happen, lol! Our hens are starting to lay more consistently now. I wonder if it's the increase in daylight as we still have winter weather and snow covered ground.
    We're adding to our flock this year; more chickens and ducks! I've read that duck eggs are higher in protein.
    Blessings, Jamie :)

  9. Hello Katy, we also have gotten an abundance of fresh eggs. Our son has plans to build us new chicken coop, I asked him can you make me a cute one?
    He said sure Mom :o)
    I have made so many omelets over the years, I always love the pretty bright yellow egg yolks!
    Blessings, Roxy

  10. LOVE eggs but am scared to death of chickens/birds so no chickens on my farm. Too many hens pecked at me when I was little helping my great aunt pick eggs!


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