Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Light Up Night 2013

Our town has a Light Up Night parade the day after Thanksgiving. It is the day that town gets *lit up* with lights. :) People in the parade make their vehicles and floats all lit up as well to go through down town. 

This year, my mom had Xavier ride through the parade on her pony, Jasper. Here they are getting Jasper all prepped...

My silly boys...

Downtown was *freezing* and we had to keep moving so as not to freeze! ;) They had main street blocked off from traffic and before the parade started, they were giving rides on this little train...isn't it cute?

Xavier was getting lined up for the parade and I had Madelyn and Jaxson with me...

We met up with X and my mom as they were getting prepared to join the parade. Jasper the pony (or is he a reindeer?) didn't know what to think of it all!

Everyone all lined up for the parade...isn't it pretty?

Downtown was dark as it waited for the parade to come through...

The courthouse, isn't it lovely?

One of my dad's trucks going through the parade...

Then came X on Jasper (with Chris leading the way...we weren't sure how Jasper was going to react to walking around a large crowd)...

My dad's tiltbed in the parade. It looks so pretty with all those lights! I just *love* Christmas lights...

After the parade, we were anxious to get home. Everyone was tired and extremely cold! It was a nice night though! :) 

Until next time, Lord willing, 


  1. sounds like a lot of fun!
    love all the lights!
    Jasper looked wonderful!

  2. FUN!! I particularly like the ones of Chris and Xavier with the pony (reindeer) (: ... great smiles!
    Louisville had their light up celebration the day after Thanksgiving too. We live on the outskirts in Jeffersontown (smaller / more quaint), where the light up celebration is this Saturday. We're expected to have quite a bit of snow and single digit temperatures this weekend after forcasting near 70 degrees today. Isn't that weird?!
    Thanks for sharing your pictures Katy. Have a great day!


  3. Beautiful night! Love how you appreciate all these things!


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