Thursday, December 5, 2013

Jaxson Turns Eight!

Earlier this week, my baby (still two in my eyes) Jaxson turned eight. To begin the day, I played a birthday ballad on the piano for him and then made pancakes (from the Homestead Blessings cookbook) and bacon for everyone for breakfast....

We spent the rest of the morning doing schoolwork and then the children enjoyed playing during the afternoon (mostly Legos). Since it is deer season, most of Chris's family is down at the family meat market processing deer this time of year. So we have Jaxson's little birthday party down there. My mom made Jaxson a Hobbit (which we are so excited to watch the second one coming out this month!) cake...

My mom also found his these fantastic balloons (she always find the best stuff!)...

Happy Birthday to You!


Jaxson, enjoying some cake with his best-buddy-cousin...

Jaxson was really blessed to get some fun gifts from everyone...

Jaxson's name in Elvish...

What every Tolkien fan needs...a Gollum hat...

Madelyn made a pinata out of a box specially for Jaxson's party...

It may not be the classiest pinata ever, but it came from a generous heart! ;)

The great thing was that when the box came down after being hit, it fell straight and nothing fell all over the floor. This kept candy nice and contained!

And here he is... the now-eight-year-old Jaxson (aka: Bilbo Baggins) with Sting in hand...

I don't know how eight years have passed by already but oh what a blessing this little boy is to our family! We are so thankful God blessed us with him and look forward to the years ahead!
Here are some his previous birthday celebrations: 

Thank you for sharing in our celebrations all these years! 



  1. Happy 8th birthday to Jaxon!! Wishing him many happy times in the year to come.
    God bless, Kathy in Illinois

  2. Happy birthday, Jaxson! What an exciting and cool, birthday party! Oh, that pinata is perfect!

    Grace & Peace

  3. That's so cute that he is so interested in the hobbit:)!!! Happy birthday jaxon!


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