Tuesday, December 31, 2013

In His Hands...

As this year comes to a close I have a prayer on my heart. I have a desire to truly serve God and to leave *self* behind! (This is my continual prayer always, to be honest!) Words of others have truly summed up my hopes and I want to share them with you. Maybe they are singing the song of your hearts as well? 

"We should all endeavor and labor for a calmer spirit, that we may the better serve God in praying to Him and praising Him; and serve one another in love, that we may be fitted to do and receive good; that we may make our passage to heaven more easy and cheerful, without drooping and hanging the wing. So much as we are quiet and cheerful upon good ground, so much we live, and are, as it were, in heaven." 
~ R. Sibbes

"Be patient. Wait on the Lord for whatever He appoints, wait quietly, wait trustingly. He holds every minute of every hour of every day of every week of every month of every year in His hands. Thank Him in advance for what the future holds, for He is already there."
~Elisabeth Elliot, Keep a Quiet Heart pg. 51

"If I am willing to be still in my Master's hand, can I not then be still in everything? He's got the whole world in His hands! Never mind whether things come from God Himself or from people - everything comes by His ordination and permission. If I mean to be obedient and submissive to the Lord because He is my Lord, I must not forget that whatever He allows to happen becomes, for me, His will at that moment. Perhaps it is someone else's sinful action, but if God allows it to affect me, He wills it for my learning. The need to wait is, for me, a form of chastening. God has to calm me down, make me shut up and look to Him for the outcome."
~ Elisabeth Elliot, Keep a Quiet Heart pg. 135

Isn't there such beauty in all those words shared from the heart of faithful followers of Jesus? I could quote so many more people with so many beautiful words...there is so much I have soaked in and wish to share with *everyone*...however, a post full of quotes can be a bit tedious to read....so I will just continue sharing this wisdom that I find every once in a while. May the words find you just when you need them! :) 

We were invited to friends' house tonight for games and fellowship but we took a rain check. We have been going, going, going lately...we were busy all this past weekend and are busy both days this coming weekend so we decided to just spend New Year's Eve quietly together as a family. I get tuckered out quite early (since I wake so early in the morning). So hopefully I can get a bit of a nap in today so I can stay up as late as possible...hopefully playing games or watching movies together! I hope your time celebrating the bringing in of 2014 is enjoyable...wherever you are. *Remember to keep in prayer those who are imprisoned for their faith and cannot be with their loved ones at this time!*

Thank-you for continually visiting me here. Your comments and emails are truly a joy! If you have ever commented or emailed me and not received a reply, please forgive me as it was not intentional! I read every email and comment and try to always remember to reply! :)

 I *do* treasure your friendships-across-the-miles! 

Wishing you a beautiful New Year! 
In Christ,

It's all about Jesus Christ being first....
and second and third and fourth and fifth. 
 What I'm saying is, don't put Jesus first.
 Jesus is everything. 
 He's not just first in the rank,
 He is everything. 
~Paul Washer


  1. Blessings to you and your family for a happy and heathly new year... We are staying home as well just having children and grandchildren over for some food and board games...the weather here in Ohio is cold and snowy wood furance is going good days ahead to stay in and enjoy some TV shows and do some stitching...

  2. Dear Katy thank you for another year of your blog, i learn so much and enjoy you sharing precious moments with your family. Happy new year to you all, best wishes jackie x

  3. Hello Katy,

    Thank you for your lovely blog, I always enjoy my time here when I come to visit.

    Wishing you God's blessings throughout 2014, may he take care of your every need and fill your house with much love, joy, health and happiness xx

  4. Have a Happy New Year, Katy, blessings!

  5. It's cozy and slow here tonight as well. We also passed on an invitation to go out and have dinner with friends and I'm glad just to be here enjoying our family. "Singing the song of my heart?" -- absolutely! I know so many others enjoy your posts Katy, but I can't get over how so many times you are "spot on" with what I'm feeling / thinking. ( ; It's as if your posts are specifically for me (strange, I know). Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I was thinking of you, and wish you and your family a very blessed 2014. The "snail mail" I mentioned a little while back is headed your way. Thank you (again) my friend, for sharing such a sweet and peaceful place to visit.


  6. Hello Katy, We visit here because it is a haven of rest! No problem reading other quotes and bit and pieces of other important works, as you have done the sifting and brought out the sweetest treasures.
    I go to bed early also and I get up early, but I did hear a few rounds of gun shot for the New Year way out in the middle of the country!
    Blessings, Roxy

  7. We always stayed home and enjoyed a family New Year, with our children, and now with our grand-daughter. I think I only went out once in my life on New Year's Eve and I have to admit, I'd rather have been at home. I love your blog. May God bless you, and your family, richly in 2014.

    Grace & Peace


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