Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Home Life

"She must look upon her home as the one spot on earth, for which she alone is responsible, and which she must cultivate well for God—even if she never does anything outside. For her the Father's business is not attending benevolent societies, and missionary meetings, and mothers' meetings, and bible conventions, or even teaching a Sunday-school class—until she has made her own home all that her wisest thought and best skill can make it!"
 ~J.R. Miller, Home-Making pg.68

To keep debt, dirt, and the devil out of my cottage has been my greatest wish ever 
since I set up housekeeping; and although the last of the three has sometimes got in 
by the door or the window, for the old serpent will wriggle through the smallest 
crack, yet thanks to a good wife, hard work, honesty, and scrubbing brushes, the two 
others have not crossed the threshold.

~Charles Spurgeon

If there is anything that is a miniature picture of heaven upon earth, it is a pair of 
Christians happily united, whose children grow up in the fear of the Lord, and render 
to them increased comfort and joy every day. Oh, how much some of us owe to the 
gospel for the happiness of our homes! 
~Charles Spurgeon

May Christ be glorified today and *every*day in my home! 

In Him, 


  1. Beautiful post, Katy. I develop curriculum at my sister-in-laws Christian preschool. I wanted to share with you the bulletin board I put up last week. It reads .... The WAY in a manger ..... isn't this the best. I found it on Pinterest. My prayer is that someone who doesn't know Christ will ask "what does this mean?" Many blessing to you and your family.

  2. Hi Kati,
    You have such a talent for creating the most beautiful and inviting vignettes in your home. I always in enjoy your photos.

  3. What a beautiful post and beautiful pictures!


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