Thursday, December 26, 2013

**Christmas Time*

At my sister's house on Christmas Eve...

Time for Eloise to open a gift...

Madelyn made Dinah a headband...

Dinah loved playing with Aunt Jo's cane...

Look who got a baby!

I was up early (as usual) on Christmas morning. I lit some candles, turned on some music (softly), did some laundry and showered...everyone else started rousing around seven.

Madelyn worked on grinding Daddy some coffee...

Beautiful piano music played on Pandora on the television while we joined together in prayer and then opened some gifts...

Xavier got Jaxson his own "Sting" sword...

He was quite grateful...

Later in the morning, we traveled to my parent's house (who only live on the other side of town from us). We enjoyed time together, brunch and gifts....

Our own Bilbo Baggins got a keychain mini-me...

Nickel (my parents' dog) loves X...

Chris's parents stopped by for a visit too! On the couch is my dad (sporting his new safety sunglasses we bought him...for tow calls in the summer), Madelyn and Chris's dad. :) We like to call this a *rose between two thorns*! ;)

I hope your Christmas celebration was blessed. We still have some get-togethers to attend this weekend. Today we are trying to get the house back in order and things put away...although not much is happening as I sit on this computer! I go! Thanks for sharing in our photo-memories with us! 


It's all about Jesus Christ being first....
and second and third and fourth and fifth. 
 What I'm saying is, don't put Jesus first.
 Jesus is everything. 
 He's not just first in the rank, 
He is everything.
 ~Paul Washer


  1. Happy christmas Katy to you and your family, lovely post x

  2. "Happy, Happy, Happy" ( ;
    Got our share of Duck Dynasty around here too. Have your guys tried the beef jerky? It's really good.
    Christmas gatherings have been wonderful here too -- very sweet and relaxing, and so, so thankful for the ultimate gift!

    Thanks for sharing your pictures; they're precious.


  3. Would you mind sharing your Pandora channels. I am looking for some soft music to be playing all day long here now that Christmas is over.

  4. looks wonderful, Elouise sure has the curls now!
    both the babies have grown
    lovely memories for you all!

  5. Haha! I love Jaxson's reaction to the sword!

  6. Happy New Year Katy!
    My Grandsons got the same pillows :)
    I have been blessed and treasured in so many ways!
    Looking forward to what the Lord has in store for us this New Year 2014
    Blessings!! Roxy


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