Thursday, November 7, 2013

Our *New-to-Us* Dining Room Table

 My husband and I were able to get a new-to-us farmhouse table for in our dining room. We loved our other table...I loved all the memories notched in the wood of that one...but it was pretty narrow which made it difficult to fit everything that we need on the table during homeschooling or meals. This table was refinished on the top and is six inches wider than our old table.

My sister and brother-in-love took our old table and are using it as a kitchen table at their house. It will be strange to see it set up there as it was well-used and loved here for so long!

Such a blessing this table is and it was really nice for me, as my mom went with me to initially go look at it and then again to go pick it up (over an hour away). We had a nice time talking together on our trip to and from (we even got a bit lost both times...allowing for extra time to chat!!). What made it even nicer was that the woman we got the table from was really sweet. She was a busy mama of six children. Her husband was really nice as well!

Before I go, I want to encourage you to pray with me for the people of the Philippines...they have a *huge* typhoon headed their will be devastating! Please pray with me for their safety! 
Also, I have been praying for Pastor Saeed who is imprisoned in Iran for evangelizing the Christian gospel. He has been there over a year and is sentenced for 8 years total. His wife and children are trying to have him released. He is being held in a really horrible prison, too. Please pray with me for strength, comfort, the Lord's will be done, and ultimately his release. 
Thanks friends! :) 
I hope you have a great weekend ahead. Remember to keep doing all you do for the glory of God...always keeping Him as your focus! 


  1. That's a wonderful table! I hope it brings your family many hours of joy!

  2. Still here reading your blog with such interest. I love the table and I will definitely pray for the pastor Saeed.

    Blessed be,

  3. A few weeks ago KLOVE was talking about Pastor Saeed. They were saying that with everything he has gone through he still continues to tell the gospel in prison. Amazing to hear how strong his faith continues to be.

    Love the table. The white chairs are like ones my grandmother had. :)

  4. What a wonderful blessing! I pray your family will enjoy many years of God honoring fellowship around this new table.

  5. Beautiful table .... A family table is a place of blessings!

  6. Beautiful table... A family table is a place of blessings!

  7. thats a beautiful table and before you know it memories will be etched in this one too!!!!! I dont watch the news so had no idea about the typhoon!!! HOw thankful we can we are talking about tables and good memories!!

  8. I love your table! We have a very similar kitchen table and it's my favorite piece of furniture.


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