Friday, November 1, 2013

November 1st

Would you like to know what all went on in my household today? I would be more than happy to share it with you! 

Ruthie (the dog) had me up at 3:47 this morning. I get up between 4 and 4:30am needless to say, I didn't go back to sleep. I went to spin class and when I returned home after a grueling workout, I showered, packed Chris's lunch, started some laundry and got my breakfast. 

Meanwhile, the children bopped down the stairs, wiping eyes and taking a moment to really *wake up*. They went out to do their chores and then came in for breakfast, prayer together and catechism (I am not catholic...rather I am Reformed and believe catechism is essential to do with my children). 

As I was finishing my breakfast, I was treated to a most amusing puppet show...

The morning proceeded on with schoolwork and housework...

My window stars have become quite faded over I decided now was a great time to begin making more. I just love the bright, vivid colors!

Outdoors...after a morning of strong winds and a lot of rain, the sun came out and made the day *beautiful*! We still had a lot of wind...but oh, the sunshine was just glorious!

My mom came over this afternoon and took Madelyn on a short shopping trip with her. They will have such a nice time. I am glad they get to spend time together and I know each of them enjoys each other's company! My boys went down to my in-love's meat market to *work* some this afternoon.

I went out and let the *girls* out to roam for the last bit of daylight...

They make me laugh. See the one furthest away from us (in the back) on the left...with the feathers all fanned out? It was running/flying off around the garage...

...and soon, the rest followed! ;)


Madelyn was painting earlier today...

Penny and Pearl are enjoying the grass and sunshine too!

Soon, it will be time to get supper started and everyone will begin making their way home. The evening will be spent with my family and also in God's Word...seeking Him as my treasure. I truly desire to get my eyes off of me and worldly desires and focus on Him. It's such a difficult thing to we live in the here and now. We see what is in front of us and it's so easy to lose focus of what (or should I say WHO) is really important. I am growing and learning and seeing that as I keep focused on love and joy from loving Him overflows onto those around me. *That* is exactly what I want. Every minute. Every day. :) 

As the air turns colder and the leaves continue falling...remember to keep your eyes on Christ. He is everything....truly, everything. I am so very grateful for the simple pleasures of home that He gives me. :)

Thanks for stopping by! Your comments and emails always bless me immensely! I hope your weekend is bright and brilliantly joyful as you serve Christ through serving those around you! 



  1. God's grace emanates from your posts. Such a peaceful blog to come to ... thank you.
    Blessings to you and yours.

  2. A puppet show ... Oh! what fun!

  3. Love the puppet show and the makings of the window stars! Madelyn's painting is wonderful! I could watch my chickens all day, so much fun!

  4. Hello Mrs. Country Blossom, :-) My name is Josephine Rodrigue and My Hubby (Mr. Handsome) has been in the hospital since last Friday. Yesterday he had open heart surgery and to help him and I to relax, I pull up your Blog and we listen to your music that you have posted on the side. Just wanted you to know that and that I also love reading about your little family.
    P.S. The other day my daughter came into my home and I had your blog page opened just so I could listen to your music while working in my kitchen and she commented......."Wow, it's so calming in here" :-)


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