Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Digging Potatoes

We dug potatoes from our garden earlier this week. It was quite chilly and getting dark quickly...but it was fun! :)

Madelyn is rubbing her Ma's shoulders (Chris's mom) in the pic below. Bending over, digging potatoes can make your back and shoulders terribly sore!

I am quite smitten seeing my man on a tractor...

What have YOU been up to lately? :)


  1. Isn't gardening wonderful.. We have been done with ours for about a month now... We got all of our apples picked and stored in the shed for applesauce, pies and dumplings this winter.... I already froze a bunch of applesauce eailer. Hubby got another doe so we are processing it tonight... I have been crafting slowly, need to get it more in gear have a open house coming up in two weeks...wood furnace is on and all the wood is cut and stacked... Started using it already, its cold here in ohio..
    Enjoy those potatoes and all your other harvest..

  2. I love seeing your whole family working together in the garden. We had our first frost this week so we spent some time cleaning out the garden, putting straw over the strawberries and cleaning out flower beds. I still have more to do but was able to pick all of the green tomatoes. Good thing since we ended up with snow flurries last night! I plan to do something with all of the tomatoes later this week.

  3. I so remember those days of doing that on the farm and how bone cold your fingers would get as you were digging in the cold earth. I loved the smell of freshly dug potatoes though-isn't that weird? xo Diana


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