Thursday, September 19, 2013

You can also find me...

 I will *still* be blogging here...but because this is more of my personal blog...I am branching out and will also be blogging at Simply Organized Homemaking. It will be completely focused on homemaking, organizing, cleaning, budgeting and similar topics. I hope you will visit me there from time-to-time. If I can't keep up with it all...that blog will be the first to go. *This* blog is like an old friend I plan on keeping it going indefinitely. We'll see how this goes. :)


  1. Hello Katy, I almost had a heart attack when I first read this of course I didnt' read it all closely and thought by the few words I did read that you were closing your happy to see I was wrong :) I will most definately visit you on this new place but will still love to read about your wonderful home and family on this blog. Blessings,Joann

  2. Good Morning Katy,
    I think it is a grand idea! We are called to expand and to grow! I really think you will love the challenge. God is always about increase in His Kingdom ways. And we must have these things to help us. Growth is always a stretch.
    Your precious and you keep growing and He will get all the glory!
    Blessing Always, Roxy

  3. I have been thinking of starting a Second Blog as well, because I have many ideas that I feel aren't fitting for the blog I currently have..but I, like you, feel like my blog is an old friend..always there to listen when I need them too.

    The opportunity has arised for my Fiance and I to have a home of our very own...So I have begun the decorating and Organizing Process..So I will definitley be tuning into your New Blog for inspirations and Ideas on how to keep everything organized and such.

    - Ashlee Michelle

  4. I start blogs all the time then cant keep up or loose interest:) Hope yours will be a source of inspiration for you! I do enjoy the blog you have here more though..a personal look into many aspects of your life. Its beautiful to read and has a sort of peace giving effect


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