Sunday, September 29, 2013

Our Fall Festival 2013

After much cleaning, organizing, and preparation...we had our annual fall festival at my inloves' meat market. It was an absolutely beautiful day!

Pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins...

Corn stalks and mums are always necessary items for sale at a fall festival...

I love my husband's sense of humor. Such a good sport he is! I was taking photos before the festival began and he took a funny picture for me...

Xavier...getting ready:

We had over 50 vendors this year! Here are some of the vendors setting up...

My sister painted this sign for people to use for photos with their children... my case, my husband! ;)

We had a ton of people come to the festival! It was a huge success! I was so busy (helping my mom make homemade donuts that we were selling there for my inlaws) that I didn't have a chance to take pictures with all the people there...but here is just before everyone started cleaning up...after a long, beautiful day at the festival....

There were more vendors behind me in this pic...I thought I had gotten a photo of them, but I guess not. We also had pony rides and a petting zoo (which was GREAT! They had baby goats, a tiny pig, bunnies, a tortoise and more!).

It was a great year and I have been hearing so many positive comments about it from those who attended! We are all just so thankful for the gorgeous weather God blessed us with as this festival blesses my inloves so much! I think most of the vendors did well too! :) 

If you are local and attended the festival, I would love to hear what you thought! Thank you so much for coming! For those of you around the world who are visiting here...all you have is my words and a few photos! I hope you are able to attend a similar festival near you. They are always such fun and great for families! :)



  1. It looks great! Love the pumpkins! What a great family tradition!:)

  2. Love this, Katy. It is so much fun to have those family traditions. We went on our annual Pumpkin patch outing today, too. xo Diana

  3. Wow looks like a wonderful time... sure wish I lived closer I would of love to attend...... such a lovely weekend for a gathering.....
    Rhonda in Ohio

  4. That looks like a fun event!

    Thankful for such a successful day for you all!


  5. Hello Katy,
    I love the whole idea of a Fall Festival, I am glad you do it so early and not on Halloween. Fresh doughnuts (Yummy)
    You look really healthy Katy Way To go!! Cute shoes...
    Blessings, Roxy


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