Tuesday, September 3, 2013

On What I Recommend...

May I ask (ever-so-kindly) a favor? You know how I have books I like to recommend, DVDs (about faith), and my love for organizing products? Well, I have utilized amazon links on my blog (...there are widgets down towards the bottom in the left column...) where you can see things I have read, watched and used (and loved). If you so choose to purchase one of these things, I would be so grateful if you would do so *using* one of my links in my amazon widgets. 

I tossed this around in my head for a while...as I don't like "advertising" on my blog. *But* I realized that if I am pointing you in the direction of these items, what does it hurt to earn a little from it? Plus, as a single-income homeschooling family, a little *extra* never hurts. 

I get decent traffic here (especially for being just a simple, country blog!)...so this is just a way for me to *add* to the family a bit while getting to promote the items I think are a great use to you and your family! :) Of course, I never want you to spend money you don't really have or just buy it because I say so...but if you *do* like what I recommend, using my widget links to the bottom left of my blog would be so very much appreciated! 

Thanks friends!


  1. I don't think there is anything wrong with asking people to buy through your links! If they want to, they will... if they don't they won't! No shame in asking! :)

  2. I see no problem either!


  3. Hey Katy,

    Another thing lady; if you ever decide to make and sell goat's milk bar soap and more dishcloths; I want some!! (:

    Have a great day sweetie!


  4. Hello Katy,
    I think it is so nice that your neighbor shared their pool with you all! Our boys around here also love to shoot their bows. We are praying our men will get an elk this year. We sure could use the meat. I have missed you! I think it is very important to look for those opprotunities to help with our budgets in our homes. Remember we are the managers of our homes. And the Proverbs woman bought fields out of her own earnings.I look forward to hearing how the chicken project goes :) Buck-Buck!
    Blessings Always, Roxy


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