Monday, September 23, 2013

Making Apple Cider

In preparation for my family's fall festival coming up this Saturday, we made apple cider to sell! This is an annual you can see HERE. After church, everyone gathered at the meat market to work together and press apples. We all truly work as a team. The children fill the apple buckets, the men-folk press the apples and then women strain and bottle the cider. It takes up the whole afternoon and into the evening. It's super-exhausting ~ but also a good time full of cherished memories. We get a lot of fellowship in with each other and that is such a blessing!

Jaxson with the boxes of apples...

The cider coming out of the press...

If you are local ~ I hope you can make it out to the festival. It's always such a great time! We have even more vendors coming this year as well! *And* as of right now...the weather looks like it should be perfect!!! :) 

For those of you that can't make it, I will do my best to take pictures to share! 

Quickly...on another note: today is Chris and my 13th wedding anniversary! I'm so thankful for the blessing of being married to this man. I can't even tell you how much...there just aren't the words. 

Today is also our first day of our homeschool co-op for this year! I have been up since 4 and getting things ready. I will head to spin, run home to shower, finish making lunches and get things together and then we will be off for the day! It should be a wonderful time! :) 

So many things going on...each one of them *such* a blessing. :) 
Hope your day (and week) are fantastic! 



  1. I love seeing the whole family come together to make cider! It seems simple, old fashioned and fun. My grandparents used to have an apple butter making day. They used a copper kettle over a campfire. Exhausting, fun and oh the memories!

    Happy Anniversary!

  2. The cider looks fresh and wonderful! And how precious that you all work together as a family!!! Happy anniversary.. I'm looking forward to hearing more about your week

  3. God bless you in your endeavors this week. Gosh, it all sounds so exciting Katy! Happy anniversary to you and Chris too! Blessings galore.... very happy for you! (: (:


  4. I just bumped into your blog from Rosie's Ramblings and was surprised to find the same music as on my own blog and some very similar thoughts, doings, and favorites- such as Above Rubies. We will be having a cider press this weekend..just lots in common. T'was sweet to find you.


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