Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A Quick Hello!

Things are super busy here this week! With preparations for the upcoming fall festival, homeschooling, co-op class day, housework, organizing, errands, cooking,  blogging for Simply Organized Homemaking, and celebrating my 13th wedding anniversary...I am one very busy (and extremely exhausted) lady!

So...today I am just stopping by for a quick **hello** and sharing a few photos. :)

A funny I really want to share is about my spin shoes. They are well-worn (considering I wear them to spin 6 times a week). My toes have pushed through the mesh tops and made holes. In order to keep them from tearing, I have used duct tape to preserve them (new spin shoes aren't exactly cheap!). I had plain old yellow duct tape on them for quite a while...but I wore through that as well. The children and I found this super-cute pickle duct tape on clearance and couldn't resist!

*Dill with it!*....hehe, isn't that cute?

So, I hope you are each doing well. I'm so glad you took the time to stop by! We are enjoying beautiful autumn weather here (and the weather for our fall festival on Saturday looks very promising too!). I keep pumpkin-scented candles burning frequently and I am absolutely loving it! I hope you are enjoying your change-of-seasons! 


  1. Hello, Right back to you Katy Girl! Loved the last few posts! So happy for the couple that God answered them with a child, so precious!
    I wish I could come to visit and be a part of your Fall
    Festival. Thinking of you!
    Blessings, Roxy

  2. I want that tape!! So funny!!

    Did you get new pillows on your chair?

  3. Happy Anniversary Katy!
    Blessings on the festival, up and coming!
    Love the pickles!

  4. Love the tape! A cute and creative way to solve you hole problem.


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