Saturday, August 31, 2013

Last Swim of the Season

 Xavier reading to Eloise.

Earlier this week, my sister came over with her girls for a visit. Because of the hot temperatures ~ we decided to go swimming at the neighbors (remember how I have mentioned before about our *fantastic* neighbors who allow us (and other loved ones) to use their pool all summer?). The water was ice cold (in my opinion) and it took me a bit before I got in. Eloise loved it right away though and got right in with Madelyn!

She giggled and kicked her feet...

This beautiful little lass was there too! She loved watching everyone in the pool and acted as though she really wanted to get in (but once she did...she found it was colder than she liked!)...

My sister and El...

This photo didn't quite go as planned...

 Mama and her girls (I love this picture...I sure wish we could have gotten Dinah to look at me though too!)...


Madelyn, mid-jump with Xavier and my great-aunt Jo!

Dinah *loves* Aunt TiTi's camera...

Lunch break!

El and great-aunt Jo!

Walking back home after getting some much-needed sunshine and laughter...

It was a beautiful day and we are so thankful we got to spend it together! 

Chris just finished our chicken plucker this morning (and did an amazing job!). So today we hope to start killing our meat chickens. Oh dear...I am *not* looking forward to this process. But I will help however he needs me to! 

Gotta run! I hope you enjoy your Labor Day weekend!


  1. The pool looks refreshing!

    You'll have to let us know how the processing of your chickens went!


  2. That pool looked very inviting, our temps are been at 100 for the last few days....somedays just a bit sweet of your neighbors to share the pool...blessings on your week.


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