Friday, August 9, 2013

"It is a wonderful thing... God effects His purpose while still the creature is free. They who think that predestination and the fulfillment of the divine purpose are contrary to the free agency of man know not what they say, nor what they affirm.....Man walks without a leash yet treads in the very steps that God ordained him to tread in as certainly as though manacles had bound him to the spot."
~Charles H. Spurgeon

Daily, along with reading the Scriptures, I have been spending time reading Spurgeon as well as JC Ryle's commentary on the book of Matthew. Oh how I have gleaned much from it all! Their words make me think back to a time when women were dressed and covered (not wearing bikinis, skimpy short-shorts and low neck shirts ~ I am truly aghast at women who claim to be followers of Christ that dress horribly or let their young daughters dress in ways that even 50 years ago would have been unheard of!) and people spoke with more class and dignity. Are we trying to attract the attention of men or God?

Now, don't get me wrong....hearts were just as corrupt back then and terrible things happen in all generations. But oh how my heart aches (especially as I raise these blessed children of mine) when the acceptable dress of young ladies is basically *anything* they want....even if it hugs their bodies, barely covers their bottom or shows a large amount of skin. How can this be acceptable? And not only that...but abortions, casual sex, blasphemy, homosexual "marriage", transgender issues, and the evolution/creationism debate is enough to bring me to despair and perpetual tears. 

Most (even those who call themselves Christians) don't read or know their Scriptures...they have liberal views that although the Bible says opposite their beliefs, they still believe *it* is wrong and they are right. My heart has been praying, crying out to our Creator. 

He is handing us over...this is what everyone wants...our nation has cried out for homosexual "marriage" (which can't even be called marriage because marriage is ordained by God...created by Him and *never* meant for perversion), acceptance of transgender "feelings" (I'm sorry...but your feelings don't make you male or female...your body parts do), women's "rights" and makes me feel so discouraged. We, as a nation, are just getting what *we* asked for. :(

Do you want to know what *encourages* me throughout it all? It is knowing how GREAT our God is. He is mighty, merciful, patient, slow to anger, kind, never changing, omnipotent and loving to His children! He is in complete control of it all.....and *that* is what I rest in...Christ is all!

*Our healing lies in His stripes. Our life lies in His death. Our pardon lies in His having suffered the punishment due to us. Our eternal life is in the fact that He once died for us and that He now lives to make intercession for us. "Christ is all."*
~Charles Spurgeon

So I find rest in Him, live to please Him as best I can and pray....I pray hard for the people of this world. I will continue to pray until my last breath. There is hope...because our Savior lives, there is always hope for this evil world. :)

Our lives have been busy here at home. Among housework, schooling, yardwork and many other responsibilities...we have been busy as bees around here!

I have been doing some organizing of cupboards and other areas in my home that have needed some improvement...

I have also been canning as the beans have continued to become ready...

My mother-in-love had bought me these pint and a half jars...
(Aren't they neat? You process them just as you do quart jars)

The children and I went for a walk/scooter ride one evening...

The neighbor's horses...

My precious girl...

And we're home...

And so, this post has been a little bit heavy and a little bit light. Thanks for hanging in there with me as I share my heart and my joys!

 Let me cry out to you mamas really quick...please stop letting those baby girls of yours (of all ages) dress in skimpy outfits, short shorts and bikinis!! Don't expose them to the men who want them only for their bodies. Cover them and let them develop their character in Christ-like behavior and servant-hood. (Also, be sure you are a living example of true, feminine womanhood). Raise your boys in the admonition of the Lord and keep them away (as best you can) from lustful sights and thoughts. Guard their hearts and minds. 

Modesty is an issue of the heart...but if your heart isn't right ~ your modesty will never be right either! I hope and pray this post will reach the eyes and hearts of so many who need to hear it. It's so easy to just go with the flow...following the trends and fashions and behaviors of the world. But as Christians, we are called to do the opposite. We are to be sanctified (set apart) in Christ! 

Living for Christ,


  1. Very well written, I agree with you, we must pray.
    You have beautiful children and a lovely home.
    I'm glad you use your voice, this blog, to encourage other ladies.
    God bless you and your family, Katy.

  2. Katy,

    Your right, God is in control. There is nothing new under the sun, as it says in Ecclesiastes.

    Teach your children well.


  3. Everything you said is so true! Chuck was home today and I went to JC Penney's to get my hair cut this afternoon. I went early to do a little browsing. My heart was so heavy by the time I went to get my hair cut. The clothes that are being offered in the little girls department are just awful! They looked more like clothing that you would find in the juniors department. Even when Megan is a teenager I wouldn't find this line of clothing appropriate for her to wear. The saddest part is that I see girls wearing this clothing all the time. :( Praying our nation chooses a different direction!

  4. Amen! At the beginning of the summer I went looking for swim suits for my 3 year old girls and was disgusted with a lot of what I seen. This needs to be said so much more often and you have written it in such a loving way.

  5. I so agree with makes me sad,but as you said it is a blessing to know God is and always will be in control....blessings

  6. Your canned green beans look awesome! I haven't had time the last few years to can so my MIL brings me pickled beets, green beans and pickles. YUMMY!

  7. Why so judgemental... I was taught God was the only one that can judge someone. And yes I am Christian, my Uncles are Pastors, and I was raised in the Church, I'm just so very Blessed not to be raised to judge another Christian!!

    1. It is not judgmental in the least. It's truth. When you read through the New Testament, Paul counseled the believers on how proper Christians should behave. Do you believe it is correct behavior for professing Christians to dress scantily clad and behave inappropriately? Often people don't like to hear truth because then they feel convicted for their own behavior.

      Also, if I am pleading with women and mothers to protect themselves, the men around them and their a Godly way...that is showing concern for their souls. If anything I am being *more* loving than those who just pretend that people can behave in any way they want because I am helping them to see the truth in their hearts. God is the only one Who can judge someone's salvation...and He will do so. I will always boldy stand up against worldly, wrong behavior and share the gospel in an attempt to save people *from* that judgment. Examine yourself and work out your salvation with fear and trembling...because it sounds as though you may be creating a false God in your mind....One Who is only loving and not just. One Who will condone any sin. This is not so. Repent and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ....for He is our only hope. :)

    2. And I must add....everything I have said here completely lines up with if you think I am wrong, you don't know your Bible. There ARE moral absolutes. Immodesty is wrong. Homosexuality is wrong. Murder is wrong. Lust is wrong. Lying is wrong. Blasphemy is wrong. I live my life to serve our living God...and hate sin. I will love others and plead for them to repent of their wicked ways...because that is what scripture tells me to do. I care about their you?

    3. Love the post Katy! I agree with all that you said! And I think it is especially important to remember to that we as Christians don't really judge the sinner, but the sin! We are all Heavenly Father's children and He loves us, but He doesn't like the sins we commit! He wants us to be happy, and the only way to be truly happy is to repent of our sins and trust our lives to Him!

  8. Katy, (I am under anonymous because I don't know how to set up an account) this is Janice in Arkansas, and my husband and I lament the wrong headedness of the world quite often! But we always seem to come back at the end of our discussion to the same thing that you have just said..."God is still in control"....A heavenly Father who loves us still expects certain things from us, He wants us to be more and more like Him.I say I'm a Christian,do I aspire to be true to the name. I've said this more than once..."I can say I'm an airplane pilot, but until you see me flying a plane......don't believe me. You shall know them by their fruits.....Bless your heart girl......just keep up the good work, that's all we can do....pray for mercy....and lead our children in the right direction....

  9. Hello Katy Girl,
    I am having trouble leaving comments to anyone who has Word Verification! I will try again, But I have my setting at only Registered users, that keeps all the Spam of and you can see all who are commenting. Just a thought!
    But I want to say speak the truth!! We are going to take a hit hear and there but it is what we must say to help those that may not know any better.We will be known by our fruit!
    Blessings, Roxy

  10. I have been finding a lot of great little girls clothes lately and maxi dresses are in this summer! But maybe its different from place to place


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