Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Homeschool Organization '13 - '14

Books, paper, pencils, binders, erasers, crayons, folders, notebooks, rulers, more books and labels.....'tis the beginning of another year of home education. Of course, every moment of our lives we are learning new things...but our *book work* focused education has begun again. This is our 6th year and so far, we are already over 2 weeks in.

These shelves are in the schoolroom, but in the summer, it's too hot in there and in the winter, it is just too cold...so we do our schooling in the dining room. Having a schoolroom to store everything is really nice though! :)

Extras...for whenever they may be needed (this year or future years)...

 We are using Easy Peasy for history, science, Bible, reading and art/music. For language arts, math and handwriting we are continuing our use of Christian Light Education workbooks. Madelyn is also learning spanish with their Speedy Spanish curriculum. I have converted their work drawers by downsizing...as they don't have as many workbooks as previous years since much is being done on the computer. So I have things labeled and put away neatly...

My binders (I love binders...have I ever told you that? I wish I had the money to spend on the *really* nice binders from Staples that I love but they are out of my price range when needing more than one, so I'll settle for these!)...

 And just a few photos from previous days happenings...

This boy of mine works hard, plays hard and then sleeps hard...

Jaxson, enjoying being outdoors...

My jewelry maker!

So there you have it! Just a quick post on the start of our 6th year of home educating! Do you have any questions? Anything you want to know about how our day is or how I organize anything? Would you like to see pictures of anything else? Please feel free to let me know and I will be happy to answer as much as I can! :)

Have a great rest of the week! 


  1. Looks great, Katy! I'm not quite there yet! I've heard about Easy Peasy from several other homeschooling friends, so I really should check that out! And it's all free, was what I was told! Wow! That picture of Madelyn reminds me of my daughter making her jewelry.

  2. Hello Katy, I miss teaching my children! But I do get to help some with my grandson's. It was fun going and buying all the kids school supplies :) I love folders and I LOVE pens, and I really like note pads, cute ones, legal pads. Girl just wants to write...
    Blessings, Roxy

  3. Katy you are very organized! I'm sure you will have a wonderful year with your children!

  4. We are starting this year. I have a first grader, a preschooler, and a two year old with a baby on the way! I love how organized you are! We tried Easy Peasy for the first couple weeks but my son just didn't like being on the computer so much. He actually prefers workbooks and texts :-)

    I love your blog! It's an inspiration!

    Thank you! God Bless!


  5. Now that is organized! I need a little work in that area!

  6. You said ask any questions? :0

    You seem so organized. I need help on menu planning. Cutting cost of groceries. Planning ahead, like birthdays etc. I'm one of those persons that is rushing out at the last minute to buy a card or gift or a grocery item I may have forgotten for a recipe. How do you keep that organized and/or on top of?


    1. Hello L. :)

      I am soooo very far from perfect...but I do my best! I will admit, menu planning comes and goes for me. Through the summer we are so busy in the evenings that it is crazy! However, let me first say ~ to cut the cost of groceries *always* use a list (I never go to the store without one!). Use coupons on sale items when you can. Some people like to menu plan by putting down what they are making each day (which is great). I like to have a variation of 5 to 7 meals planned ahead and listed out and then I will make the ones that have the freshest ingredients first (that need to be used before they go bad....such as fresh veggies and meat). Then I will make other meals later in the week with frozen meat, potatoes, and veggies I have canned in the basement. Always make your recipes using mostly ingredients you already have and when preparing for the week (or two) ahead, write the ones you need on your grocery list.

      Do you have a planner? I do...I live by it. Well, I live by the Word of God...but next, I need my planner to keep me sane! ;) If so, write down birthdays ahead of time and a week *or more* before that person's bday, have it written in your planner (or calendar) to get card/gift.

      Does this help at all? :)

  7. Yes, it does help. Thank you for taking the time to reply back!



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